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Chapter 37

Burn Injury to the tissues caused by exposure to thermal, chemical, electrical or radioactive agents
Crash Cart Especially equipped cart for holding and transporting medications, equipment and supplies needed for a life saving emergency
Crepitus A grating sensation where two fractured bones rub each-other
Dislocation Injury where a bone ending making up a joint is displaced from their anatomic position.
Emergency Medical services (EMS) Network of community resources, equipment and personnel that provides care to victims of injury or sudden illness.
First Aid The immediate care administered before complete medical care can be provided to an individual who suddenly becomes ill.
Fracture Any break in a bone
Hypothermia A life threatening condition where the body's temperature falls dangerously low.
Poison any substance that enters the body and causes illness, injury or death
Pressure point Site on the body where an artery lies close to the skin and can be pressured against and underlying bone to control bleeding
Seizure involuntary muscle relaxation and contraction often accompanied by changes in sensation, behavior and level of consciousness
Shock Failure of the body delivering enough blood to the vital organs of the body.
Splint any device that can immobilize ab body part
Sprain trauma to a joint caused by ligaments
Strain Over-stretching of a muscle cause by trauma
Wound any break in the continuity of an external or internal surface caused by physical means
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