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Word Roots

arthr joint
hepat liver
ven vein
oste bone
aden gland
cancer cancer
carcin cancer
chlor green
chrom colour
cyan blue
cyt cell
epitheli epithelium
erythr red
eti cause (of disease)
fibr fiber
gno knowledge
hist tissue
iatr physician
kary nucleus
lei smooth
leuk white
lip fat
melan black
my muscle
neur nerve
onc tumor, mass
organ organ
path disease
sarc flesh, connective tissue
somat body
system system
viscer internal organs
xanth yellow
rhabd striated
anter front
caud tail (downward)
cephal head (upward)
dist away (from point of attachment)
dors back
infer below
later side
medi middle
poster back, behind
proxim near (the point of attachment)
super above
ventr front (belly)
aut one's own, self
bi life
coni dust
crypt hidden
cutane skin
derm skin
dermat skin
heter others
hidr sweat
kerat horny tissue, hard
myc fungus
necr death (cells, body)
onych nail
pachy thick
rhytid wrinkles
seb sebum (oil)
staphyl grape-like clusters
strept twisted chains
ungu nail
xer dry, dryness
adenoid adenoids
alveol alveolus
atel imperfect, incomplete
broncho bronchus
bronchi bronchus
capn carbon dioxide
diaphragmat diaphragm
epiglott epiglottis
hem blood
laryng larynx
hemat blood
lob lobe
muc mucous
nas nose
orth straight
oxi oxygen
pharyng pharynx
phon sound, voice
phren diaphragm
pleur pleura
pneum lung, air
pneumon lung, air
pneumat lung, air
pulmon lung
py pus
radi x-ray, ionizing radiation
rhin nose
sept septum (wall off, fence)
sinus sinus
somn sleep
son sound
spir breathe, breathing
thorac thorax
tom to cut, section, slice
tonsill tonsil
trache trachea
albumin albumin
azot urea, nitrogen
blast developing cell, germ cell
cyst bladder
glomerul glomerulus
glyc sugar
glycos sugar
hydr water
lith stone, calculus
meat meatus, opening
nephr kidney
noct night
olig few, scanty
pyel renal pelvis
ren kidney
ureter ureter
urethr urethra
urin urine, urinary tract
ur urine, urinary tract
vesic bladder (sac)
andr male
balan glans penis
epididym epididymis
orch testis, testicle
orchi testis, testicle
orchid testis, testicle
prostat prostate gland
sperm sperm, spermatozoon
spermat sperm, spermatozoon
vas vessel, duct (refers to vas defrens in reproductive system
vesicul seminal vesicle
arche first, beginning
cervic cervix
colp vagina
endometri endometrium
episi vulva
gyn woman
gynec woman
hymen hymen
hyster uterus
mamm breast
mast breast
men menstruation
metr uterus
oophor ovary
pelv pelvis
perine perineum
salping fallopian (uterine) tube
trachel cervix
vagin vagina
vulv vulva
amni, amnion amnion, amnionic fluid
chori chorion
embry embryo
esophag esophagus
fet/i, fet/o fetus (unborn offspring)
gravid pregnancy
lact milk
nat birth
omphal umbilicus, naval
par, part bear, give birth to, labour, childbirth
prim/i first
pseud false
puerper childbirth
pylor pylorus, pyloric sphincter
terat malformation
angi vessel
aort aorta
arteri artery
ather yellowish, fatty plaque
atri atrium
card heart
ech sound
electr electricity, electrical activity
isch deficiency, blockage
lymph lymph, lymph tissue
lymphaden lymph node
myel bone marrow
phleb, ven vein
plasm plasma
therm heat
thromb clot
thym thymus gland
splen spleen
valv, valvul valve
ventricul ventricle
Created by: Lwright9615
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