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HLHS 101 Rare Roots

HLHS 101 Acquiring Medical Language Appendix C

acr/o extremity, top, heights
aer/o air
ambul/o walk
bi/o life
carcin/o cancer
chem/o chemical
chron/o time
chyl/o chyle
coni/o dust
cry/o cold
cyan/o blue
desicc/o drying
dips/o thirst
electr/o electricity
eury/o wide
fibr/o fiber
lact/o milk
gen/o generation, cause
gnosi/o knowledge
graph/o write
hem/o, hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
hydr/o water
isch/o hold back
kel/o tumor
klept/o theft
kyph/o bent
lex/o reading
lord/o bend backward
morph/o change
muc/o mucus
myc/o fungus
narc/o sleep
orth/o straight
osm/o smelling
path/o suffering, disease
phag/o eat
phas/o speaking
phil/o love
phon/o sound voice
poli/o gray
prosop/o face
py/o pus
pylor/o gatekeeper
pyr/o fire
sarc/o flesh
scler/o hard
scoli/o crooked
sept/i rotting
sept/o wall partition
somat/o body
son/o sound
spin/o spine
stigmat/o point
stom/o mouth
tel/o complete, end
thel/o breast
thromb/o clot
tom/o cut
top/o place
trich/o hair
trop/o turn
troph/o nourishment development
tuss/o cough
xen/o foreign
xer/o dry
Created by: spritle
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