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Female reproductive system chicken scratch notes

Colposcope device to look at vagina (also cervix and vulva)
Episiotomy cut into the vulva (usually during childbirth)
Endometrium – inside uterus tissue; lining
Oophorectomy Removal of the ovaries
Salpingectomy Removal of Fallopian tube
Salpingitis pronunciation SAL-pin-JAI-tis
Obstetrics – care of the pregnant female
Cyesis- pregnancy
Pseudocyesis false pregnancy
Choriocarccinoma- cancer tumor of chorion
Dystocia – difficult labor
Tocograph – belt that reads labor
Fetometry – measurement of the fetus through sonography
Neonatal – new born
Mastalgia – breast pain
Dyspareunia – painful sexual intercourse
Dysmenorrhea – painful menstruation
Oligomenorrhea – few periods
Amenorrhea – no menstrual cycles
Metrorrhagia – irregular menstruation
Menorrhagia – excessive menstrual flow
Metromenorrhagia – many, heavy periods
Polymenorrhea – many periods; more than once a month
Menorrhalgia Difficult and painful menstruation
Colpostenosis – narrowing of vagina opening
Perineocele herniation of the posterior perineum
Amniorrhea – discharge of amniotic fluid
Amniorrhexis – rupture of amniotic sac
Antepartum assessment - Growth of the developing baby -Amount of amniotic fluid
Pap smear – scrape of cervix
Wet mount – taking sample of vaginal discharge
Amastia – absence of breast
Cervical dysplasia precancerous condition in which abnormal cell growth occurs on surface lining of cervix
Colpoptosis – prolapse/drooping vagina
Episiostenosis – narrowing of the vulva
Hematosalpinx – blood in Fallopian tubes
Hydrosalpinx – water in Fallopian tube
Pyosalpinx – pus in fallopian tube
Oophorocystosis – Cysts of ovaries
Sonohysterography- sonogram of the uterus
Transvaginal sonography- insert sonogram into vagina and look at uterus from inside
Endometrium – inner layer of uterus
Myometrium – muscular layer of uterus
Perimetrium – outer layer of uterus
Menarche- first period
Hysterorrhexis ruptured uterus
Gravida – pregnancy
Eutocia – good labor
Dystocia – painful labor
Cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) – head too big or pelvis too small
Congenital anomaly birth defects
Macrosomia – big baby
Microcephalus – small head
Teratogenic – monster creation (something that creates a birth defect)
Cardiotocograph – heart monitor
Pelvicephalometry – measure of pelvis
Lactogenic inducing the secretion of milk.
Oligohydramnios – few water in the amniotic sac
Polyhydramnios- too much water in the amniotic sac
Tocodynagraph- instrument to record strength of labor
Pelvimetry- tactile; examining pelvis and width
Implantation- egg attaches to the wall to grow
Teratology- study of birth defects
Adenocarcinoma – cancer tumor in gland of breast
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia – abnormal growth of cervical cells
Colpocystitis inflam of vagina and bladder
Vaginosis over growth of normal vaginal bacteria
Endometritis – inflame of inner lining of uterus
Metrophlebitis – inflame of the veins of the uterus
Myometritis inflammation of the myometrium
Perimetritis Inflammation of the peritoneal covering of the uterus
Cystocele – hernia of uterus into vaginal area
Metrocolpocele hernia of the uterus into vaginal area
Rectrocele – rectum hernia into vaginal area
Urethrocele – hernia of urethra into vagina
Endrometriosis- inflame of inner lining of uterus
Dermoid cyst saclike growth that is present at birth
Abruptio placentae premature separation of the placenta from the uterus
Placenta previa- where the placenta is attached to the uterus near the cervix
Chorioamnionitis inflam/infection of chorion and amniotic sac
Chorioangioma benign angioma of placenta arising from chorionic tissue
Spontaneous abortion- miscarriage
Salpingocyesis- Fallopian tube pregnancy
Ovariocyesis ovarian pregnancy
Hyperemesis gravidarum – extreme morning sickness
Oophorocystectomy – removal of ovarian cyst
Episiorrhaphy- suture of the vulva
Perineorrhaphy- suture of the perinium
Abortifacient – drug or device for abortion
Oxytocin – stimulates contractions
Tocolytic – stops labor
CIPP chronic idiopathic pelvic pain
PID Pelvic inflammatory disease
Cx cervix
HRT- Hormone replacement therapy
TVS Transvaginal ultrasound
LMP last menstrual period
G Gram
FAS Fetal alcohol syndrome
RDS respiratory distress syndrome
FOB father of baby
EDD estimated date of delivery
CS caesarean section
P Pulse
CPD Cephalopelvic Disproportion
SGA Small for gestational age
LGA Large for gestational age
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