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Kinn's chapter 1-3

notes on chapters 1, 2, 3

the process by which an organization is recognized for adherence to a group of standards that meet or exceed the expectations of the accrediting agency Accreditation
Indicator An important point or group of statistical values that, when evaluated, indicates the quality of care provided in a healthcare facility.
slight misalignments of the vertebrae or a partial dislocation subluxations
prefer to do things that have personal meaning to them or relevant to their lives. Concrete perceivers
have to think about the information before they can internalize it. they prefer to observe and consider what is going on. the only way they can learn new material is by spending time thinking about it and learning a great deal before acting Reflective processors
Stage 1 learners have a concrete reflective style, these students want to know the purpose of the information and have a personal connection to the content.
T or F :Characteristics are distinguishing traits and qualities that vary from one person to another. T
T or F: ABHES stands for Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. T
having courteous, conscientious, and respectful approach to all interactions and situations in the workplace. Professionalism
diverse medical and healthcare systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine used in combination with conventional medicine Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
founder of nursing Florence Nightingale
stage 4 learners are concrete active learners. These students are concerned about how they can use what they learn to make a difference in their lives.
T or F : A person who has good work ethics arrives on time, is rarely absent, and always performs to the best of his or her ability. T
Louis Pasteur father of bacteriology and preventive medicine, connected germs to disease
T or F :We all respond to stress in the same way. F
T or F :using humor, trying to derive meaning from a stressful situation, positive self talk, social support, nutrition exercise ,sleep are coping strategies that may increase stress levels F (these are adaptive coping mechanisms )
Critical Thinking involves 1.sorting out conflicting information 2.weighing our knowledge about that information 3.ignoring or letting fo of personal biases 4.deciding on a reasonable belief of action
Treating a patient with ---- and dignity are crucial to interacting with patients professionally. courtesy
T or F : We should ignore the symptoms of stress unless they drastically affect our lives. F
A diplomatic and ____ person always attempts to interact honestly without giving offense. tactful
T or F :A responsible medical assistant is one who is not dependable F (The healthcare team must be able to rely on the medical assistant to perform all his or her duties within the accepted standards of care. )
1. Personal Problems and "Baggage" 2. Rumors and the "Grapevine" 3.Personal Phone Calls or Personal Business Obstructions of Professionalism
“work smart” refers to Time management. this means that we are to use our time efficiently and concentrate not the most important duties first
review your to do list if you need help ask ,brainstorm with peers, make a master list of important tasks, try to accomplish like tasks in the same block of time,multitask as much as possible ,at the end of each day create a new to do list time management strategies
HHS Department of health and human services (US department for providing human services and protecting the health of all Americans , especially those unable to help themselves )
CDC Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) : the principal U.S federal agency concerned with health
conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law: a negligent act is one that does not meet the standards of what is expected of a reasonable prudent person acting under similar circumstances Negligence
the process of sorting patients to determine medical need and the priority of care triage
Allopathic a system of medical practice that treats disease by the use of remedies, such as medications and surgery to produce affects different form those caused but the disease under treatment, medical doctors MD’S and osteopaths DO’s
Hospice A concept of care that involves health professionals and volunteers who provide professionals and volunteers who provide medical, psychological, and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their loved ones
T or F Confidentiality is not an important aspect of professionalism. F
T or F Release of patient information without permission is unethical and illegal T
T or F Your workday should be centered around patient care T
T or F Professional credentialing is becoming more important each year. T
What does establishing healthy Personal Boundaries result in? Improved self confidence, better ability to communicate honestly with others, and relationships based on honesty and self-respect.
They are developed to protect us from being manipulated or being used by others. They help to identify each of us as a unique individual and must recognize our individual boundaries and clearly explain them to others. Personal Boundaries
Causing harm to a patient or yourself is considered __________ in the healthcare profession. detrimental
A person’s ______ is the behavior toward others and his or her mannerisms. demeanor
to disburse ; to spread around Disseminate
T or F: if an error is made or there is a problem performing a particular task, the medical assistant must honestly report these issues to the immediate supervisor. T
Hair neatly pulled back and away from face as to not bother the patient when having to assist them with something is Professional Image
T or F: Too strong of perfume or cologne can upset some patients' sensitive senses. T
T or F Keep nails short and preferably no fake nails or nail polish. Germs can get in the cracks of the nail polish and under the nails and can spread easier that way. T
T or F it is professional to wear a lot of makeup like a clown when working F
1. Be honest with your supervisor about any distractions in your life. 2. Refuse to participate in the rumor mill. 3. All personal business should be taken care of outside of work hours. Ways to avoid Obstructions of Professionalism
OSHA Occupational Safety and health administration : agency for the department of labor responsible for establishing and enforcing regulations to protect individuals in the workplace.
the process by which something becomes harmful and unclean contamination
Edward Jenner developed small pox vaccine
serves as clearinghouse for information and statistics associated with health care CDC
NHA National Health Career Association: offers two different medical assistant certifications, Certified Medical Clinical ,Assistant, and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.
Trained to locate subluxations of the spine an treat them with adjustements Chiropractor
Physician Assistant provides direct patient care under the supervision of the physician (trained to diagnose and treat patients_
primary level care smaller community hospitals
respond calmly to problematic situations with reflection, making sure the patient knows you recognize how he or she feels. Consistently communicate politely and honestly. gather feedback about the possible cause of the problem Methods to communicate diplomatically and tactfully
T or F: if you are working with and angry or unhappy patient, use therapeutic communication skills to find out about the real issues the patient is concerned about. T ( this is way to remain courteous and respectful)
a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence. They involve a whole range of activities, from individual acts to the philosophy of the entire facility . Work Ethics
a therapeutic communication technique in which a person responds with feeling term that indicated how to the individual feels about a problem for example, “ you sound angry about being scheduled for this diagnostic test” reflection
demeanor behavior towards others ; outward manner.
What are some benefits of becoming a member of AAMA? 1. AAMA has legal counsel representation for any member that needs it. 2. Having a membership shows seriousness about your profession. 3. Members receive a complementary subscription to CMA Today. 4. Members get CMA (AAMA) exams at a lowered rate.
1.Always be patient; courteously explain instructions. 2. Be professional and helpful. 3. Always ask if a patient has any questions before they leave the exam room. 4. Maintain patient privacy! ask do you have any questions? Patient Education
T or F :Most tasks can be priories into three general categories: those that must be done that day, those that should be done that day, and those that could be done if time permits. T
T or F ; interacting with patients in a straightforward manner , honest manner while supplying all the fact use lay terms helps the patient understand so they can make educated decisions T
Created by: foofie91
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