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CCMA Study guide

CCMA Study guide A1

Which of the following cell structures is the source of energy for a cell? Mitochondria
A medical assistant is testing the patient’s visual acuity using a snellen chart. Which action should the assistant take? Make sure the patient does not lean forward during the test.
During a routine venipuncture, the pt becomes pale and diaphoretic. What condition is most likely to occur in this patient? Syncope
A patient calls the clinic to cancel a postoperative appointment and states that she will reschedule at a later date. Which reason should the medical assistant document this information on the patient’s chart? To prove that the office was not negligent
When completing documentation in a patient’s paper medical record, a medical assistant realizes she made an error. Which action should the assistant take? Draw a line through the error and initial it
What items is included on the CMS- 1500 claim form should a medical assistant recognize as indicating the medical necessity of a procedure? Diagnosis code
Which techniques should a medical assistant use to confirm a patient’s understanding of insulin administration? Observe the patient as she performs a self demonstration
A medical assistant is preparing a community resource library. Which actions should the assistant take first? Compile a list of local community agencies
A medical assistant is disposing of the syringe and needle she used to inject a seasonal influenza vaccine. What action should the assistant take? Drop the syringe, needle first, into the biohazardous sharps container
A medical assistant is preparing a patient who has psoriasis to be examined by the provider. When inspecting the patient’s skin lesions, the assistant should expect to observe which of the following characteristics? Silvery, scaly
A medical assistant receives a denial of payment for a patients cholecystectomy. The reason stated is “noncovered service”. If this procedure was deemed emergent by the provider, what actions should the assistant take? Instruct the patient to contact the insurer about the denial of payment
What actions should a medical assistant take to verify the quality of venipuncture supplies before beginning a blood draw? Inspect the integrity of the needle’s seal
Which of the following instructions should a medical assistant give to a patient when administering an enteric-coated tablet? Swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water
A medical assistant is collecting a health history from an older adult patient who exhibits moderate hearing loss. Which of the following actions should the assistant take? Remain within the patient’s view to allow lip-reading
A medical assistant is assisting with the physical examination of a patient who has scabies. Besides gloves, which of the following pieces of personal protective equipment should the assistant wear? Gown
A clinic schedules all cardiac patients on Mondays and wednesdays and all oncology patient on Tuesdays and thursdays. Which of the following types of scheduling is the clinic using Cluster scheduling
The parent of a child who has pediculosis is asking a medical assistant for more information about her child’s condition. The assistant should begin by explaining that pediculosis is which of the following types of infection? Parasitic
MA is reviewing a provider's instructions as the patient is leaving the office. The provider recommends that the patient purchase an OTC antitussive, patient tells the assistant that she doesn’t know what an antitussive is. WHich is correct? It is a medication that suppresses the cough reflex.
When performing the palpatory method for obtaining blood pressure, which of the following indicates the level at which the medical assistant should inflate the cuff? 30 mmhg above the radial pulse cessation
A first time patient is late arriving to the office. Which of the following should the medical assistant say first? Hello. Welcome to our office
A medical assistant is administering an intramuscular immunization to a patient, which of the following actions should the medical assistant take? Cleanse the site in a circular motion from the center outward
A medical assistant is explaining a venipuncture procedure to a patient. Which of the following statements should the assistant make? I'll be collecting a blood sample from you today. There will be a small stick in your arm.
A MA is examining the skin on a patient’s forearm according to patient. MA notes multiple solid elevations that are less than .5 cm (.2 in) in diameter. Which term should he use to document his observations in pt chart? Papules
A patient tells a medical assistant that his provider's office is incompetent, as there is no improvement in his condition. Which of the following is an appropriate response for the assistant to make? I think that you feel that your treatment is not effective.
A medical assistant is assisting a provider with an abdominal examination. When the provider palpates the major portion of the liver, the assistant should recognize that he is palpating which of the following abdominal quadrants? Right upper
A pt is seen in a urgent care for a laceration to the left foot. The provider evaluates the injury, determines sutures are not needed and applies a dressing. Which level of examination should a MA use for the procedural coding for this visit? Problem-focused examination
Which of the following information should the medical assistant enter into the appointment calendar when scheduling a patient for a skin rash? Daytime phone number
A medical assistant discovers a garbage can fire has started in the break room of the medical office. According to the RACE acronym for emergency response, which of the following actions should the assistant take first? Evacuate staff and patients from the immediate area
A medical assistant is encouraging a patient to increase her intake of insoluble fiber to help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Which of the following foods should the assistant recommend as the best source of insoluble fiber? Pears with skin
A medical assistant is preparing a patient who has congestive heart failure (CHF) for an examination by the provider. Which of the following manifestations should the assistant expect? Shortness of breath
A medical assistant is discussing information with a patient about a new medication that the provider prescribed. Which of the following actions should the assistant take? Reinforce teaching about the frequency of medication administration
A pt arrives at a clinic with a bill for x-rays that were required due to an injury at the patient's place of employment. The patient has private insurance and is eligible for workers' compensation. Who is responsible for the bill? Paid in full by worker’s compensation
A medical assistant in an outpatient facility is preparing a patient for a venipuncture. Which of the following actions should the assistant take to confirm the patient's identify? Ask the patient to state and spell their full name and provide their date of birth
Created by: bwinstead09
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