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Green Module

Combining forms

acromi/o acromion
ankyl/o stiffness, bent, crooked
arthr/o joint
ax/o axis, axon
blast/o embryonic cell
brachi/o arm
calcane/o calcaneum
carp/o carpus
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck
chondr/o cartilage
cinemat/o things that move
clavicul/o clavicle
coccyg/o coccyx
condyl/o condyle
cost/o ribs
crani/o cranium
cruci/o cross
dactyl/o fingers, toes
faci/o face
fasci/o band, fascia
femor/o femur
fibr/o fiber, fibrous tissue
fibul/o fibula
humer/o humerus
ili/o ilium
ischi/o ischium
kinesi/o movement
kinet/o movement
kyph/o humpback
lamin/o lamina
lei/o smooth
leiomy/o smooth muscle
lord/o curve, swayback
lumb/o loins
maxill/o maxilla
mediastin/o mediastinum
megal/o enlargement
metacarp/o metacarpus
metatars/o metatarsus
micr/o small
muscul/o muscle
my/o muscle
myel/o bone marrow
myos/o muscle
orth/o straight
oste/o bone
patell/o patella
ped/i foot
ped/o foot
pelv/i pelvis
pelv/o pelvis
phalang/o phalanges
pod/o foot
pub/o pubis
rachi/o spine
radi/o radius, x-ray, radiation
rhabd/o rod shaped
rhabdomy/o rod-shaped muscle
roentgen/o x-rays
sacr/o sacrum
sarc/o flesh
scapul/o scapula
scoli/o crooked, bent
sequestr/o separation
sin/o sinus, cavity
sinus/o sinus, cavity
spondyl/o vertebrae
stern/o sternum
synov/o synovial membrane, synovial fluid
ten/o tendon
tend/o tendon
tendin/o tendon
thorac/o chest
tibi/o tibia
trabecul/o trabecula
tubercul/o a little swelling
uln/o ulna
vertebr/o vertebrae
xiph/o sword
Created by: crystal66
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