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Urology and Male reproduction

glomerulus A bundle of capillaries-
capsule A tube that collects the filtered fluid
Glomerulopathy disease of glomeruli
Glomerulonephritis inflam of glomeruli
Nephrology – study of kidney
Nephritis – INFLAM OF kidney
Pyelonephritis inflam/infection of kidney
Pyelitis inflam of renal pelvis
Urology Study of urinary tract system
Hematuria - blood in urine
Lithiasis formation of stony content into body
Lithotripsy destruction of stones
Cystotomy – incision into bladder
Cystitis – inflame of bladder
Vesiculotomy surgical incision of a seminal vesicle
Vesiculitis inflam of seminal vesicle
Urethrostenosis narrowing of urethra
Urethritis – inflame of the urethra
Ureterocele hernia of the ureter
Ureterectomy – removal of a ureter
Meatoscope device used to look at opening of penis
Meatal Stenosis narrowing of opening
Epididymis duct behind the testis, along which sperm passes to the vas deferens
Vas deferens duct which conveys sperm from the testicle to the urethra
Seminiferous tubules site of the germination, maturation, and transportation of the sperm cells within the male testes
Prostate gland secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm.
Balanorrhea – discharge from penis
Balanitis- inflame of penis
Epididymotomy – incision into Epididymis
Epididymectomy removal of Epididymis
Orchitis – inflame of testicles
Orchiopexy – surgical fixation of testicle
Anorchidism – lack of testicle
Testitis – inflame of testicle
Prostatitis inflam of prostate
Prostatomegaly- enlargement of prostate
Aspermia failure to produce semen
Spermatocele Hernia of epididymis caused by sperm cells
Anuria- lack of urination
Dysuria,urodynia – painful urination
Enuresis - involuntary urination
Incontinence – inability to control urination
Nocturia – nighttime urination (getting up multiple times at night to pee)
Nocturnal enuresis – nighttime involuntary urination
Hematuria – blood urine
Oliguria – few urine output
Polyuria – lots of urine
Pyuria – pus in urine
Urocyanosis – blue urine
Polydipsia – excessive thirst
Nephralgia - kidney pain
Ureteralgia- pain in ureter
Urethrodynia – urethra pain
Urethrorrhea – discharge from urethra
Balanorrhea- discharge from penis
Priapism – persistent and painful erection
Orchialgia,orchiodynia – testicle pain
Orchidoptosis – drooping testicle
Urodynamic testing – test where they watch you urinate with an x-ray
Albuminuria – protein in urine
Azotorrhea – discharge excess of nitrogen
Azoturia – nitrogen in urine
Cystorrhexis- bladder rupture
Dipsogenic – creates thirst
Azotemia high nitrogen in blood
Hyperkalemia high potassium level in blood
Hyponatremia low sodium in blood
Uremia – urine in the blood
Nephroptosis – drooping of kidney
Nephrosis kidney disease
Nephroscopy- kidney scope
Pyelgram- x-ray of renal pelvis
Retrograde pyelogram uses X-rays to look at your bladder, ureters, and kidneys
Renal angiogram – blood vessel in kidney recording
Renal angiography imaging test to look at the blood vessels in your kidneys
Renal arteriogram special type of X-ray picture that helps doctors see the blood vessels in your kidneys
Ureteroscopy – scope of the ureter
VCUG- voiding cystourethrogram- watch you pee through xray
Urinalysis urine test
Nephrologist- specialist in the study of kidney
Resectoscope- device that examines and cuts (primarily used for prostate)
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)- medical test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen found in blood
Diuresis excessive urination
Uropoiesis – creation of urine
Uroxanthin – substance that gives urine yellow colour
Anorchidism – no testicle
Cryptochidism- hidden testicle
Hydrocele fluid sac buildup in testes
Azoospermia – produce sperm, but dying fast
Oligospermia – not a lot of sperm coming out
Spermatolysis – destruction of sperm cells
Hypospadia – birth defect where urethral meatos is on the underside instead of end of penis
Phimosis foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled back past the glans
Transrectal ultrasonography- use of ultrasound probe inserted into the rectum to scan through the rectum to nearby tissue
Vas deferens- tube that carries sperm from Epididymis/testes to seminiferous tubules
Cystocele,vesicocele- hernia of bladder
Cystourethrocele – hernia in bladder and urethra
Cystourecteritis – inflame of bladder and ureter
Cystoma cyst tumor
Glomerulosclerosis- hardening of the glomeruli
Glomerulonephritis inflam of glomeruli
Glomerulopathy- disease of the kidney involving glomeruli
Polycysitic kidney disease- disease where kidney has a lot of cysts with fluids
Lithonephritis Inflam of kidneys due to irritation by stone.
Nephritis Inflam of kidneys
pyelocystitis Inflammation of the renal pelvis and the bladder.
Pyelonephritis Inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis
Pyonephritis – inflam of kidney due to pus
Pyonephrolithiasis Accumulation of pus and stones in the kidney.
Pyopyeloectasis – pus in renal pelvis
Nephroma tumor of the kidney cortex
Hypernephroma – kidney tumor that is cancerous
Renal cell carcinoma kidney tumor that is cancerous
Pyelocystostomosis- creation of opening through renal pelvis and bladder
Ureteropyelitis Inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney and a ureter.
Ureteropyelonephritis- inflame of kidney, ureter and renal pelvis
Stress urinary incontinence- SUI; inability to hold urine due to external pressure on bladder
Urinary tract infection- UTI;
Vesicoureteral reflux- VUR; backflow from the bladder to the ureters
Benign prostate hyperplasia- BPH; benign overgrowth of prostate
Benign prostate hypertrophy – same as above BPH; benign overgrowth of prostate
Prostatocystitis – inflame of bladder and prostate
Prostatovesiculitis – inflame of prostate and seminal vessels
Epididymitis inflammation of the epididymis
orchiepididymitiits Inflammation of the epididymis and/or testis
Gonorrhea – discharge of gonads
Diuretics – promote urine
Antidiurectics – stop urine
Dialysis- procedure that machine filters your blood because of kidney failure
Nephrotoxin- things that are poisonous to kidney
Heminephrectomy- half kidney removal
Heminephrourecterectomy- half kidney and part ureter removal
Lapronephrectomy- removal of kidney laproscopically
Nephropexy fixation of kidney
Nephrorrhapy kidney suture
Meatorrhaphy Suture of the wound made by performing a meatotomy
Meatotomy incision where underside of the glans is split
Nephrocystanastomosis- creation of opening between kidney and bladder
Fulguration procedure that uses heat from an electric current to destroy abnormal tissue, such as a tumor or other lesion.
Balanoplasty- reconstruction of penis
Hydrocelectomy removal of hydrocele
Prostatovesiculectomy- removal prostate and seminal vesicles
TURP- Transurethral resection of the prostate
Vasocasostomy- surgery by which vasectomies are partially reversed
BUN Blood urea nitrogen
UA Urinalysis
IVP Intravenous pyelogram
IVU intravenous urogram
RP retrograde pyelogram
KUB kidney, ureter, and bladder
VCUG voiding cystourethrogram
BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Created by: Devtemrys
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