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FSA Review

Some things to memorize before the big test.

"Dyna" means (10th) Power
"Auto" means (9th) Self
"Path" means (10th) Feel
"Phil" means (9th) Love
"Scheme" means (10th) Plan
"Audi" means (9th) Hear
"Bene" means (All) Good
"Gen" means (10th) to birth
"Jur" means (10th) Law
"Lev" means (9th) to lift
"Log/Logue" means (10th) thought
"Manu" means (9th) Hand
"Omni" means (10th) All
"Pac" means (10th) Peace
"Port" means (9th) Carry
"Vac" means (9th) Empty
The truth about life or human nature developed in a text. Theme
Comparison without Like/As Metaphor
Comparison with Like/As Simile
Giving human qualities to non-humans Personification
Extreme exaggeration Hyperbole
Repeated beginning sounds Alliteration
Literal description that appeals to the 5 senses Imagery
Image or object that represents something more complicated or meaningful than itself Symbol
When what happens is the opposite of what you would expect Situational irony
When the audience knows something a character does not Dramatic Irony
"The package took forever to arrive in the mail." What literary term? Hyperbole
"His shoes told a different story. They had certainly traveled more than he said they had." What literary term? Personification
"A man who is a traffic cop gets his license suspended for unpaid parking tickets." What literary term? Situational Irony
"My life is a dream." What literary term? Metaphor
"The Titanic was promoted as being 100% unsinkable; but, in 1912 the ship sank on its maiden voyage." What literary term? Irony
"Her home was a prison" What literary term? Metaphor
"My stomach was punishing me for not eating on time." What literary term? Personification
"Memory is a crazy woman that hoards colored rags and throws away food." What literary term? Metaphor
"I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet" What literary term? Alliteration
“The world is gaining more [people, its] population is projected to pass six billion by 2025." A. Correct B. people it's C. people; its C. people; its
"Most of the growth is likely to take place in developing [countries, Europe,] it is thought, will reduce its numbers from 500 million to 486 million by the first quarter of the century." A. Correct B. countries. Europe, C. countries, Europe B. countries. Europe,
"Africa’s population will continue to be the fastest [growing, it] tripled between 1950 and 1990." A. Correct B. growing and it C. growing; it C. growing; it
"Some think it will reach two-and-one-quarter billion in 2050, showing a 1,000 percent [increase it] will then contain almost one-fourth of the world’s inhabitants.” A. Correct B. increase, it C. increase and it D. increase; it D. increase; it
"Borrowing money and [to not repay it] is risky." A. not repaying it B. Correct C. won't repay A. not repaying it
"My best friend took me [dancing] and to a show. A. Correct B. ball room dancing C. to dance C. to dance
Bathing Noodle, our poodle, requires four arms to hold him in the tub, towels to mop up the water, and [keeping ourselves dry with raincoats]. A. drying ourselves with raincoats B. raincoats to keep ourselves dry C. raincoats D. some raincoats B. raincoats to keep ourselves dry
The dam consists of three [parts the] dam itself, the hydroelectric power plant, and the reservoir. A. parts: the B. Correct A. parts: the
The following dams are also located in the United [States Grand] Coulee Dam, Shasta Dam, and Glen Canyon Dam. A. Correct B. States: Grand B. States: Grand
Frostbite can occur in many parts of the [body like the] ears, nose, fingers, and toes. A. Correct B. body: like A. Correct
Created by: Mr.Dilmore
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