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Chapter 12

The Endocrine System

Characteristics of the nervous system Controls rapid response, uses both chemical and electrical stimulus
Characteristics of the endocrine system Used to regulate growth, used chemical stimuli only
A rector is Where the hormone attaches
A target tissue is a specific tissue acted on by each hormone
A hormone is a Chemical messenger that have specific regulatory effects on certain cells or organs
One of the tiny glands located behind the thyroid glad Parathyroid
The largest of the endocrine glands, located in the neck Thyroid
The gland in the brain that is regulated by light Pineal
An organ that contains islets Pancreas
The endocrine gland composed of a cortex and medulla, each with specific functions Adrenal
The anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates milk synthesis Prolactin
The main hormone of the adrenal medulla that, among other actions, raises blood pressure and increases the heart rate Epinephrine
The anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates the adrenal cortex ACTH
A hormone produced by the ovaries Estrogen
The hormone from the adrenal cortex that regulates sodium and potassium re absorption in the kidney tubules Aldosterone
A gonadotropic hormone FSH follicle- stimulating hormone
A hormone synthesized in the hypothalamus Anti-duretic hormone
A hormone that raises the blood calcium level Parathyroid hormone
A hormone that lowers the blood glucose Insulin
A pancreatic hormone that raises the blood glucose level Glucagon
An adrenal hormone the raises the blood glucose level Cortisol
A hormone that promotes T-cell development Thymosin
Anterior Pituitary Releases hormones under the regulation of hypothalamic releasing hormones
Posterior Pituitary Consists of neural tissue, Secretes hormones synthesized in the hypothalamus
Any enlargement of the thyroid gland Goiter
A disease in which insulin function is abnormally low Diabetes mellitus
A form of hyperthyroidism Graves disease
A form of hypothyroidism in adults Myxedema
A disease resulting from adrenal cortex hypoactivity Addison disease
Low blood sugar Hypoglycemia
trop/o acting on, influencing
Cortic/o Cortex
-poiesis making, forming
natri sodium
andr/o male
megaly enlargement
ren/o kidney
acro/o end, extremity
oxy sharp, acute
nephr/o kidney
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