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Lecture test 2

Helps to study the structures of the human body

The cell body of a neuron, which contains the nucleus and other organelles, is called the _____________________ Soma
The tunnel- like infoldings that penetrate through the cell membrane and carry electrical impulses to the interior of the cell (when it is stimulated are called __________________ Transverse Tubules
Why is the armpit considered clinically important? Hernias may occur here / lymph nodes are found here
How many pairs of cranial nerves are there? 12
What is the term for the area within a sarcomere where we find only thin myofilaments? (It's an area where the thin filaments are not overlapping with the thick filaments.) I bands
The _________________ nerve sends motor impulses to the lateral rectus muscle of the eye Abducens
A(n) __________ is the muscle that assists another muscle in a particular movement. Synergist
If you were to look through a microscope and see muscle tissue with short , stumpy, branches of cells, each with visible striations, and one nucleus per cell, you would know that it's _____________ Cardiac Muscle
The _____________ smooth muscle contractions, maintains muscle tone and posture, coordinates the motion of different joints with each other, coordinates eye and body movements, and serves in learning and sorting motor skills Cerebellum
Small motor Units ______________________________ are found where fine control is needed for subtle movements
Neuroglial cells that produce myelin for axons in the peripheral nervous system are called _______________ Schwann Cells
In a myelinated nerve cell, only some parts are covered in myelin. The areas of the axon that are covered are called ____________ Internodes
Muscles that are entirely contained within a particular region, having both the origin and insertion in the same region, are called ______________ muscles Intrinsic
Efferent nerve pathways flow __________________ From the CNS to the periphery
Muscles that keep your scapula from sliding down your back when you lift something heavy would be classified as ______________________ Fixators
The opening in the center of the eye through which light enters is the ______________ Pupil
In a _____________ reflex, sensory input enters the spinal cord on one side of the body and the motor output leaves from the opposite side Contralateral
______________ is the shrinkage of muscles as a result of damage to the spinal cord or a nerve Denervation atrophy
Movement of a body part posteriorly, on a plane parallel with the ground, is called________________ Retraction
______________ have cells that are fusiform in shape with no visible striations and one nucleus per cell Smooth muscles
Where might one want to make an incision to perform an appendectomy ? On a line between the right anterior superior iliac spine and the umbilicus
Which of the following is an insertion of tibialis anterior? Medial cuneiform bone
The _____________ nerve innervates visceral organs ( such as the heart and intestines) Vagus
The region surrounded by the rhomboid major, trapezius, and latissimus dorsi is referred to as _____________ The triangle of ausculation
What refers to feeling with firm pressure or perceiving by sense of touch? Palpation
The more mobile point of muscle attachment is called the ________________ Insertion
The ____________ nerve sends signals of touch, temperature, and pain sensation from face to the brain Trigeminal
Muscles are important for which of the following? Generate body heat, movement, resisting gravity
The radical nerve, axillary nerve, and musculocutaneous nerve are three important nerves of the _____________________ Brachial plexus
The loosely organized web of gray matter that runs vertically through all levels of brainstem that plays roles in cardiovascular control, pain modulation, Consciousness, and habituation is the ____________ Reticular formation
To exert more force against a resisting object or to move a resisting object farther or faster, a bone may be useful, because it can rotate around a fixed point. The job of the bone, then, is to act as a _____________ Lever
The ______________ Nerve innervates muscles of facial expression and sends signal for the sensation of taste from the front of the tongue Facial
The Nerve is responsible for carrying impulses from the inner ear for hearing and balance Vestibulochochlear
The ___________ is the term for the outer edge of the auricle. Elastic cartilage is what allows it to keep its shape Helix
What is cranial nerve VIII (the eighth cranial nerve), and is it sensory, motor, or both? Vestibulochochlear
__________ muscles have widespread fibers at the origin that come together at a single small spot at the insertion, Pectoralis major would be an example of such a muscle Convergent
The corpora quadrigemina has four colliculi. Which ones are involved in processing visual information? Superior colliculi
Where might we find cerebrospinal fluid? In the lumbar cistern
The ______________ is the most caudal part of the brainstem, located just above the foramen magnum. Among other things things, it regulates heart rate and breathing Medulla Oblongata
When muscle fibers are pulled and made longer, they don't stay that way after the pulling stops. That property of a muscle returning to its original resting length is called ___________ Elasticity
The location in which the spinal cord tapers to a point below the lumbar enlargement is called the ________________ Conus medularis
The ____________ nerve is responsible for sense of taste on the anterior portion of the tongue Facial
Some reflexes are monosynaptic, How many synapses are in a monosynaptic reflex arc? one and only one
The spine of the scapula is about even with which bone of the vertebral column? Third thoracic
The ____________ is the outermost layer of the meninges. (it's the layer that is furthest away from the brain or spinal cord.) Dura mater
What type of nerve transmission travels in the dorsal root at the proximal end of spinal nerves? Afferent
The ________________ nerve are two nerves that make up the lumbar plexus Femoral and Obturator
______________ is connective tissue that surrounds a bundle of muscle cells Perimysium
The ____________ is a spongy mass of blood capillaries that produces cerebrospinal fluid Choroid plexus
The thick (14nm) myofilaments found within myofibrils of muscle cells are made of the protein ______________ Myosin
One might want to locate the right costal margin because it's just outside the _____________________ Liver
A neuron that has one axon and two or more dendrites is referred to as a _________________ Multipolar Neuron
What is the insertion of teres major? Intertubercular sulcus of the humerus
The ansa cervicalis and the great auricular nerve are both parts of the ____________ plexus Cervical
The ____________ Nerve is a nerve that innervates the superior oblique muscle of the eyeball for motor impulses (and some proprioception) Trochlear
Visceral reflexes would be those that regulate _________________ Heart rate, Breathing, Digestion
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