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关节炎 arthritis
腰椎间盘突出 lumbar disc herniation
骨质疏松 osteoporosis
颈椎病 cervical spondylosis
骨髓炎 osteormyelitis
股骨头坏死 femoral head necrosis
骨质增生 osteoproliferation
脊柱结核 spinal tuberculosis
要肌劳损 lumbar muscle degeneration
肺癌 lung cancer
食道癌 esophagus cancer
气胸 pneumothorax
支气管扩张 bronchiectasis
胸腔积液 pleural effusion
肺大泡 bollous emphysema
胸腺瘤 thymoma
胸膜炎 pleuritis
食管破裂 esophageal rupture
血胸 hemothorax
急性心肌梗死 acute myocardial infarction
垂体瘤 hypophysoma
脑膜瘤 meningeoma
胶质瘤 glioma
脑外伤 cerebral trauma
脑出血 cerebral hemorrhage
癫痫 epilepsy
听神经瘤 acoustic neurinoma
三叉神经痛 Trigeminal neuralgia
脑积水 hydrocephalus
脑血管病 cerebrovascular disease
Created by: Fenglaoshi