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Medical Terminology

Hyperlipidemia High blood levels of fat
Hypernatremia High blood levels of sodium
Hyperopia Far vision
Hyperparathyroidism Condition of excessive parathyroid secretion
Hyperplasia Growth beyond normal (tumor)
Hyperpnea Increased breathing
Hypertension High blood pressure
Hyperthermia Condition of excessive temperature (heat)
Hyperthyroidism Condition of excessive thyroid secretion
Hypertonic Greater pressure
Hypertrophy Over development
Hypocalcemia Low blood levels of calcium
Hypoglossal Pertaining to below the tongue
Hypoglycemia Low levels of sugar in the blood
Hyperkalmia Low blood levels of potassium
Hyponatremia Low blood levels of sodium
Hypopnea Decreasing breathing
Hypotension Low blood pressure
Hypothermia Condition of less temperature; severe cold
Hypothyroidism Condition of low thyroid secretion
Hypotonic Less pressure
Hypoxia Decreased amount of oxygen
Hysterectomy Removal of uterus
Hysterogram Picture or x-ray of uterus
Hysteroscope Instrument to view within the uterus
ileocecal Pertaining to the ileum and cecum
ileostomy Creation of artificial opening in the ileum
iliac Pertaining to the ilium ( Hip bone)
ilium Pertaining to ilium (Hip bone)
Immunity Pertaining to immunity or protection
Immunologist One who specializes in the study of immunity (diseases)
Inferior Below
Infraorbital Pertaining to below the eye
Insomnia Not being able to sleep
Intercelluar Between the cells
Intercostal Pertaining to between the ribs
Interosseus Between the bones
Interphase Between phase
Interventricular Pertaining to between the ventricles
Intracellular Within a cell
Intracranial Within the skull
Intraocular Pertaining to within the eye
Intravenous Pertaining to within the veins
Iridectomy Removal of the iris
Ischemia Deficiency of blood (to a muscle or an organ)
Isotoic Equal pressure
Keratometry Measurement of the cornea
Keratoplasty Repair of the cornea (corneal transplant)
Keratotomy Incisions into the cornea (correct mild to moderate myopia)
Kinesiology Study of movement or motion
Kinesthetic Pertaining to movement
Kyphosis Abnormal curvature; hump of the spine
Lacrimal Pertaining to the tear ducts
Lactation Milk producing
Laminectomy Removal/excision of the vertebral lamina
Laparotomy Process of cutting into the abdomen
Laryngitis Inflammation of the larynx (voice box)
Larynogopharynx Larynx, Pharynx (region of the pharynx behind the larynx)
Lateral Pertaining to the side
Leiomyoma Tumors of the smooth muscle
Leukemia Condition of white blood cells (cancer of the blood)
Leukocyte White cells or white blood cells
Leukocytosis Condition of white cells
Leukopenia Deficiency of white
Leukorrhea White discharge
Ligament Band/sheet of connective tissue connecting 2 or more bones
Lipectomy Removal of fat
Lipoma Fatty tumor
Lithotomy Incision to remove stones
Lithotripsy Surgical crushing of stones
Lordosis An abnormal curvature of the lumber spine (sway back)
Lymphadenitis Inflammation of the lymph gland (the lymph node)
Lymphadenogram Recording (or x-ray) of the lymph gland (or node)
Lymphangiography The process of recording pictures of lymph vessels
Lymphedema Swelling of the lymphatic system or vessels
Lymphocyte Lymph cell (a type of white blood cell)
Lymphokinetic Circulation or movement of lymph
Lymphoma Tumor of the lymph (or lymphatic system)
Lymphotoxin A poison produced by lymphatic cells
Lysosomes Destroying bodies (organelles of cell)
Macrophage Large eating cell (integral part in immune response)
Malaise A feeling of general discomfort or uneasiness
Mammogram Picture (x-ray) or breast
Mastoiditis Inflammation of the mastoid
Mastopexy Surgical fixation of the breast
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