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med terms

oligodenrocyte specialized neuroglial cells
oliguria small amount of urine
oncologist person who studies cancer (tumors)
onychocryptosis hidden nail
onychophagia nail biting
oocyte egg cell
oophoritis inflammation of ovary
oophoropathy disease of the ovary
opthalmologist eye doctor
opthalmoscope instrument to view eyes
optic pertaining to eye
optometry measurement of eyes
oral mouth
orbital pertaining to orbit (eye)
orchidalgia pain in the testes
orchiectomy removal of the testes
orchiepididymitis inflammation of testes and the epididymis
orchiectomy removal of the testes
orchitis inflammation of testes
organ body part having special function
oropharynx mouth and throat
orthodontics making teeth straight
orthopedic straightening feet
orthopnea sitting up straight in order to breathe
ossicles pertaining to bones (tiny middle ear bones)
osteoarthritis arthritis with erosion of articular cartilage
osteoblast bone forming cells
osteoma bone tumor
osteoclast bone destroying cells
osteocyte bone cell
osteomalacia bone softening
osteromyelitis inflammation of bone and bone marrow
osteoporosis pertaining to porous condition of bones
otitis media middle ear infection
otolaryngologist one who studies ear and larynx
otoscope instrument to view ear
ova egg
ovary pertaining to eggs
pancreatitis inflammation of pancreas
paracentesis puncture of cavity, usually abdomen to remove fluid
paralysis unable to move
paraplegia beyond paralysis
parathryoidoma mass or tumor in the parathyroid
parietal pertaining to the wall (outer serous membrane)
parturition childbirth
patellar pertaining to the patella or kneecap
pathology study of disease
pathophysiology study of effect of disease and disorders on function
pelvic pertaining to the pelvis
peptic pertaining to digestion
pericarditis inflammation around the heart
pericardium around the heart
pericardiostomy formation of an opening in pericardium
perimetrium around the uterus
perimysium around the muscles
periostium around the bone
peritoneal peritoneum, lining of abdominal cavity
phagocyte eating cell
phagocytosis condition of cell eating
phlebitis inflammation of vein
phlebotomy make incision into vein
photophobia fear of light
phrenic pertaining to diaphragm
physiology study of function
pineal pertaining to pineal gland
pituitary pertaining to pituitary gland
plasmapheresis removing plasma
pleural lungs
pleuritits inflammation of the pleura
pleurodynia pain of the pleura
pneumonectomy removal of the lung
poliomyelitis inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord
polycythemia blood condition of many cells
polydactylism many fingers or toes
polydipsia excessive thirst
polyneuritis inflammation of many nerves
polyphagia excessive hunger
polyuria excessive urination
posterior back
postpartum after birth or delivery
prenatal before birth
presbyopia aging vision
proctoscopy viewing rectum or anus
proerythroblast developing red blood cell before immature red blood cell
prokaryotic before true nuclei
prolactin before milk; stimulates production of milk
prophase first phase
prophylaxis for prevention
prostatalgia pain in the prostate
prostatectomy removal of the prostate
prostatomegaly enlargement of the prostate
prostatorrhea discharge from the prostate
prostatovesiculectomy removal of prostate gland and seminal vesicles
prostatovesiculitis inflammation of prostate of seminal vesicles
proximal closest to the body; point near origin
pubic pertaining to the pubis
pyelectasia dilation of stretching of renal pelvis
pyelogram picture of renal pelvis
pyelolithotomy incision into kidney of pelvis to remove stones
pyelonephrosis disease or condition of renal pelvis
pyeloureterectasis dilation of the kidney or pelvis and the ureter
pyosalpinx pus in the uterine tube
pyuria pus in the urine
quadriplegia paralysis of four
radiculopathy nerve root disease
renal pertaining to the kidney
reticular pertaining to netlike
reticulocyte net cell
retinopathy disease of the retina
retroperitoneal pertaining to region behind the peritoneal membrane
rhinitis inflammation of the nose
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
rhinorrhea nose discharge; runny nose
rhytidectomy repair of wrinkles
sarcolemma flesh or muscle membrane
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