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Stack #30207

Mod B Unit 3 Words Thompson Institute hbg

-al pertaining to
-algesic pain
an- without
cyan/o bluish
derm/o skin
hypn/o sleep
-ic pertaining to
narc/o numbness
-ology study of
-osis abnormal condition
pharmac/o drug
toxic/o poisonous
trans- across, through
vir/o virus
anti- against
analgesic pertaining to relieving pain
antiviral drug used to treat viral infections
cyanosis bluish discoloration of the skin
hypnotic drug used to produce sleep
narcotic used for severe pain
pharmacology study of medicines
toxicology study of poisonous substances
transdermal medication through the skin
addiction uncontrollable dependence on a substance
adverse reaction undesired side effects
anaphylactic shock reaction to food or drugs
contraindication symptoms that make treatment unsafe
drug modifies one or more body functions
idiosyncrasy inappropriate response to a drug
local effect medication that is confined to a specific part of the body
potentiation 2 drugs administered together work better than separately
side effect an action of a drug other than desired
systemic effect effecting the whole body
tolerance ability to endure large doses of a drug
Created by: shady123