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A & P Eye Disorders

Bleph Eyelid
Phak lens
Sclera Tough
Ambly Dimness
Dacr/o Tear
OD Right Eye
OS Left Eye
OU Both eyes
Name of instrument used to measure intraocular pressure of the eye Tonometer
What is equality of the pupils Anisocoria
What is bulging Eyes Exophthalmus
Name for double vision Diplopia
Name for loss of vision acuity due to aging Presbyopia
absense of lens Aphakia
Name for loss of visual acuity at night Nyctolopia
Name for involuntarily jerking of eyeball Nystagmus
Nearsightness (Cannot see far away) Myopia
Farsightedness (Cannot see far away) Hyperopia
infected eyelash root Hardoleum - stye
Optic axises fail to fall on the same object Strabismus
Dimness of vision Amblyopia
Abnormal curvature of cornea sometimes objects appear warped Astigmatism
Removal of some contents of the eye Enucleation
Removal of entire eye Evisceration
Is not age related, causes intraocular pressure or blockage in Cananl of Schlem Glaucoma
Symptom of Glaucoma Cloudy Vision / halos around electric lights
Name of surgery done to make new opening in trabecular meshwork Trabeculectomy
Is age related, causes opacity of the lens (Lens become opaque / cannot see through) Cataract
Retina separates from choroids retinal Detachment
Symptom of Retinal detachment Floaters / light flashes
swelling and protrusion of the blind spot of the eye caused by edema Papilledema
In what disease is choroidal hemorrhage so common Diabetic Retinnopathy
Is age related, lose of central vision. Straight light looks disorted Macular degeneration
Accumulation of fluid under tissue around optic nerve, due to closed head injury, papilledema
Contagsis Eye infection also called 'pink eye' Conjunctivitis
Name of disease caused by baby coming into contact with gonorrhea Ophthalmia Neonatorum
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