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ISEE overview


Time for the entire test Three hours for the entire test.
Verbal Reasoning 40 questions, 20 synonyms 20 sentence completions, 25 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning 35 questions, 35 minutes
Reading Comprehension 40 questions, 40 minutes
Mathematics Achievement 35 questions, 35 minutes
Essay 1 essay topic 30 min
Lower Level test For 4th and 5th grade students - the scoring takes into consideration a student's age
Is the ISEE hard? Some questions are easy, some are a bit hard and others are hard.
Should I work on every question? Only work on the questions you think you may be able to figure out. For the hard questions, pick a letter of the day and fill in the bubble and move on.
How should I work on the Verbal Reasoning questions? Work on the synonyms that are easy first then go back and do the ones that sound familiar. This should take 10 minutes. Then go on to the sentence completions
When should I eliminate answer choices? Eliminate answers in the verbal and reading sections and for some of the math.
Why should I eliminate answer choices? Know that verbal questions have best answers, not correct ones like math. The other answers in the verbal section aren't wrong but not as good as the best one.
How do I eliminate answer choices? Look for a wrong answer, cross out the bad one, even when none of the answers look right, you can usually eliminate at least one. Take a guess at the answers that remain.
Should I guess? Yes guess - but try to eliminate a wrong answer if you can.
Should I have an answer filled in for every question? Yes Fill in an answer for every question. You won't be spending time on all the questions. There is no penalty for a wrong answer so a guess means you may guess correctly.
Should there be blank answers on the answer sheet? No - Don't Leave Anything Blank. Set aside the last minute or two of each section to fill in a guess for each question you did not have time to answer.
Do I eliminate an answer with words I don't know? Don't rule out answers with words you don't know. It doesn't matter that you don't know what a word means it could be the right answer.
Do I try every answer choice in a verbal question? Yes - Try every answer to be sure you're picking the best answer
Will I be able to use a calculator? No - calculators are not allowed when taking the ISEE
Can I write in the test booklet? Yes - You can write in the test booklet and you should to eliminate answers and complete math problems.
Should I do math in my head? Don't try to complete the math problems in you head. Write down the problem and check it if you need to.
How many sections are there? Five sections, 1 verbal, 1 reading 2 math, 1 writing
Created by: pmainolfi
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