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A&P lll

Endocrine system

exocrine Glands that secrete their products into ducks that empty onto a surface or onto a cavity
endocrine duckless glands secrete chemicals known as hormones into intracellular spaces they diffuse directly into the blood and are carried throughout the body
nonsteroid hormone whole proteins shorter chains of amino acid or simple version
steroid hormone Pass intact directly through the cell membrane of the target cell
Steroids that typically work according to second messenger mechanism non steroid
What are the two major classes of hormone Steroid and nonsteroid
What is the cell that is acted on by a particular hormone and then responds to it Target cell
Is steroid hormone response slower or faster compared to the response triggered by nonsteroidIs steroid hormone slower
Production of too much hormone by a diseased gland is referred to as what hypersecretion
Too little hormone producedthe condition is called what hyposecertion
Hyper secretion of growth hormone during early years of life production is called gigantism
If the anterior pituitary gland secrete too much growth foreman after normal growth years the disease is called what acromegaly
What are the surfaces of the pituitary gland Anterior and posterior
What are the anterior and posterior names of the pituitary gland Anterior is the adenohypothesis The posterior is the neurohypophysis
How many hormones do the adenohypothesis neurohyphsis secret Adenohypophythesis 6 neurohypophythesis 2
Where is the pituitary gland located deep in the cranial cavity in a seat called the sella turcica, form by two bony projections at the top of the sphenoid bone
what are the hormones of the anterior pituitary glands TSH ACTH FSH LH GH GMPRL
what are the hormones of the posterior pituitary gland ADH- antidiuretic hormone regulator of fluid OT oxytocin - stimulation for birth
what does the thyroid gland produce T3 T4 energy for metabolism
non steroid hormones have receptors INSIDE or OUTSIDE the cell membrane INSIDE
insulin is produces by which cell beta cell
where is insulin produced in the pancreas
insulin opposes what hormone glucagon
although released from the posterior pituitary gland , where does actual production of OT oxytocin occur in the hypothalamus
what makes a hormone a tropic hormone a tropic hormone stimulates a endocrine gland to grow and secret its hormone
where is the location of the thyroid gland located in the neck just below the larynx
Why is the thyroid gland different It stores considerable amount of thyroid hormone in the form of molecules suspended in fluid
describe and the parathyroid and its location small lumps of glandular epithelium there are usually 4 found in the posterior surface of the thyroid
What is a goiter and how does it develop Low dietary intake of iodine
what does the parathyroid secret PTH increase concentration of calcium in the blood
where is the adrenal gland located curves over the superior surface of the kindney
how many adrenal glands are there and name them 2 adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla
which adrenal gland is the outer and which is the inner cortex is the outer medulla inner
when extreme stimuli act on the body, what is the internal state called stress
what does the adrenal medulla respond to stress
how many layers for the adrenal cortex 3
what does each layer respond to outer layer zone)-minerlaocorticoids ( mineral) middle (zone)layer - glucocorticoids glucose inner layer zone)- sex hormones
what is our bodies response to stress fight or flight
what are 2 primary hormones of pancreatic islets glucagon insulin
what are the most important cells in the pancreas islets Alph -A cell beta - B cell
what does the Alph cell secrete glucagon
what does the beta cell secrete insulin
glucagon_____ blood glucose concentration increases
insulin___blood glucose concentration decreases
if the pancreas islets secrete to little insulin or no insulin you would have which diabetes type 1 diabetes mellitus
what does type 2 diabetes result from abnormality of the insulin receptors or signaling
what is glycosuria excess glucose filters out of the body by the kidneys and lost in urine production
which gland is called the time keeper and why pineal glad b/c it produces melatonin
where is the thymus located in the mediastinum
what is a function of the thymus immunity
is the placenta a endocrine gland and why yes, temporary bc it secrets hormones
where is the pineal gland located brain
Secondary lymphatic organs & tissues site is where most immune responses occur
thymus is where pre-T cells from what red marrow mature
Fluid & proteins escaping from vascular capillaries is collected by lymphatic capillaries & eventually returned to the blood flow
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