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Chapter 3

External Root Words

Acr/ Acro The extremities
Acromegaly Abnormally large upper and lower extremities (hands/feet) bought on by an increased production of growth hormone
Axill/ Axillo The armpits
Axillary Pertaining to the axilla
Blepharoplasty Surgical repair of the eyelid
Brachi/ Brachio The arm
Brachialgia Severe arm pain
Bucc/ Bucco The cheek
Buccal Anything relating to the cheek
Buccal Mucosa Interior lining of the cheek
Axillary lymphadenopathy Enlargement of diseased lymph nodes in the axilla, characterized by swollen armpits
Canth/ cantho Angle of the eyelids
Canthotomy Incision of tissues at the angle of the eye is performed to reduce pressure in orbital compartment syndrome
Capit/ Capito The head/ shaped like a head
Capitate Bone The largest hand bone at the center of the wrist that is shaped like a rounded head
Carp/ carpo The wrist
Carpoptosis Condition characterized by paralyzed extensor muscles of the hand and the fingers
Caud/ Caudo The hind part / tail / downward
Caudal anesthesia Local anesthetic injected into the lower end of the sacrum and coccyx
Cephal/ Cephalo The head
Cephalohematoma A traumatic, solidified clotting of blood that takes place beneath the inner skin of the newborns head
Cervic/ cervico The neck or the uterus
Cervicogenic headache A secondary headache brought about by a lesion or an injury in the neck (cervical spine)
Cheil/ Chello/ Chil/ Chilo The lips
Cheilosis Inflamed lip corners, accompanied by redness, scaling, and cracking of the mouth corners. May be caused by Candida
Cheir/ Cheiro/ Chir/ Chiro The hand
Cheiropompholyx Severely itchy skin eruptions on the sides of the fingers and the palms, made up of blisters
Cili/ Cilio Eyelid, eyelash, or relating to
Ciliary A smooth muscle ring situated in the middle layer of the eye. Regulates accommodation for viewing things and is responsible for the flow of the aqueous humor
Derm/ Derma/ Dermato/ Dermo The skin
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin, caused by allergy
Dors/ Dorsi/ Dorso Back part/ posterior
Dorsiflexion The backward bending of the foot or the hand
Faci/ facio The face
Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Rare, genetic disorder which begins by affecting the skeletal muscles of the face, then the shoulders and the upper arms.
Gingiv/ Gingivo The gums
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gums
Gloss/ Glosso The tongue
Glossodynia Pain in the tongue, characterized by a burning sensation
Gnath/ Gnatho The jaws
Orthognathic Maintaining jaws in their correct relation and dimension
Inguin/ Inguino The groin
Inguinodynia Post-surgical pain felt after the operation of an inguinal hernia
Inguinal hernia Occurs when the tissues of the intestines push through the base of the abdomen. Appears as a lump in the groin; in males, appears as an enlargement in the scrotum
Irid/ Irido The iris of the eye
Iridociclitis Inflammation of the iris as well as the ciliary parts of the eye
Labi/ Labio lips, lip-like
Labia Lip-like skin folds of the vulva
Lapar/ Laparo The abdomen
Laparoscopy Surgical procedure where a fiber-optic gadget is introduced via the abdominal to allow the surgeon to see organs
Later/ Latero The side; body parts farthest from the middle
Bilateral On both sides
Bilateral macromastia Underdevelopment of tissues in both breasts after puberty
Unilateral hearing loss single-sided deafness
Lingu/ Lingo/ Linguo The tongue
Linguogingival Pertaining to the tongue and the gums
Embryonic linguoginvival groove Furrow which separates the mandibular part of the tongue from the rest of the mandible
Mamm/ mamma/ mammo Breasts
Mammogram X-ray examination of the breast
Mast/ Masto Breast
Gynecomastia Abnormal enlargement of breasts in males due to hormonal imbalances ; possible side effect of hormone replacement therapy
Nas/ naso The nose
Nasogastric Pertaining to the mouth and the stomach
Nasogastric Intubation Plastic tube introduced via the nose, through the throat, and into the stomach, for assisted ventilation
Occipit/ Occipito The back of the head
Occipital bone Saucer shaped bone located at the lower back area of the skull
Ocul/ Oculo the eye
Oculogyric Elevation of the visual gaze in both eyes
Oculogyric crisis Untoward reaction to medical disorders or pharmaceuticals manifested by a lengthy, uncontrollable, upward deviation of the persons eyes.
Odont/ Odonto The teeth
Odontoma A benign tumor associated with the development of the teeth caused from abnormal growth of normal dental tissue
Omphal/ Omphalo The umbilicus
Omphaloma A tumor situated in the umbilicus
Onych/ Onycho The nails
Paronychia Painful and pus-filled soft tissue infection involving the fingernails. Usually caused by fungal infection (candidiasis)
Opthalm/ Opthlamo The eyes
Opthalmoscopy Non-invasive medical procedure where the eye doctor utilizes an ophthalmoscope to view and check the inside of the eye
Optic/ Optico/ Opto Sight
Optometry Assessment method done to evaluate vision
Or/ Oro The mouth
Oropharyngeal Involving the mouth and the pharynx
Oropharyngeal dysphagia Difficulty swallowing due to abnormalities in the throat and mouth
Ot/ oto The ears
Otitis media inflammation of the middle ear, caused by bacteria or a virus
Papill/ papillo The nipple
Papilloma Non-cancerous tumor in the breast ducts
Pelv/ pelvo Pelvis
Pelviectasis The dilation of the renal pelvis
Phall/ phallo The penis
Phaloplasty Surgical procedure performed to augment or repair the penis
Pil/ Pilo Hair
Pilocystic A cyst that contains hair
Pod/ Podo The foot/feet
Podiatry Branch of medicine dedicated to the foot
Rhin/ Rhino The nose
Rhinorrhea Nasal cavity is persistently filled with substantial amounts of mucous fluid
Somat/ Somato Relates to the body
Somatogenic Diseases illnesses which originate from body parts
Psychogenic Diseases Cause of illness is of mental origin
Steth/ Stetho The chest
Stethoscope Acoustic tool used for listening to inner body signs
Stomat/ Stomato Mouth/ opening
Stomatitis Inflamed mucus membranes of the mouth
Tal/Talo Foot
Tarsalgia Pain in the rear area of the foot; commonly occurs in individual feet
Thorac/ thoraco The chest/ thorax
Thoracentesis Sterile procedure wherein fluid is removed from the pleural space. Done through the insertion of a needle via the chest wall
Tracheo/ trachelo The neck/ neckline
Trachelomyitis Inflammation of the neck muscles
Trich/ Tricho hair/ hair like
Trichiasis A condition where the direction of the growth of the eyelash is changed; lashes grow inward towards the eyeball; hairs may rub against eye and cause irritation
Ventr/ Ventri/ Ventro The front part of the body
Ventrogluteal IM A deep muscular injection into the gluteus medius on the outer surface of the pelvis
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