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MAA 104


Who must adhere to HIPAA regulations? Covered entities
what can be used to improve/sustain system security for EMR/EHR - 1. conduct routine audits 2.Prepare back-up plan for system 3. Train employees yearly on HIPAA practices
If there is a breach in security, who should be notified? 1. Then patient 2. The secretary of health and human services
Demographic info includes .Name , Birthday, Phone # , Address, Social security number
Components of a MEMO Subject, To and from, date, time
HITECH Act signed into law in 2009 to promote adoption of meaningful use. Also addresses privacy concerns/security concerns associated with electronic transmission
Meaningful Use A term used to define minimum government standards for EHR, outlining how clinical data should be exchanged between healthcare providers between providers and insurers and providers patients
Original medical record should only be released when? Required by law or provider dies or retires
What is the biggest pet-peeve about emails Having no subject line
Accurate statements about EHR capabilities include Help providers diagnose patient's problems sooner Provide clinical alerts and reminders can aid in diagnosis Can improve quality of care
Is an email the most secure way of sending patient information? NO
Encryption of stored info means? Requires a special key to de-cript information
SOAP Subjective , Objective, Assessment, plan
POMR Problem,Oriented, Medical, Record
The chief complaint from prevision office visit goes into the - section of the medical record Clinical
Flow sheets are designed to_ Record ongoing measurements in a graphic or table form
What is the difference between EHR and EMRs? EHR- contains all info about a patients care (from Multiple Providers) EMR- Specific to an individual clinic
Documentation of each encounter with a patient goes into the - -. Progress notes
Chronological resumes are organized by your - Experience (Time)
1- 2- 3- Built in software tools, Used for editing 1. Spell check 2. Thesaurus 3. Grammar
The chief complaint from a previous office visit is located in the - section of the medical record Clinical section
Functional resumes focus on - and - accomplishments and strengths
Using a template to send a business document saves- time
The best reason for including a cover letter with a resume is to - - Identify how you can fill the requirements of the job
Most common letter format for business writing Full block
Letterhead should have? Name/clinic Address Phone number email
What is the standard business envelope size? No 10
Standard font is - and - standard font size is - times new roman, Size 12
Standard Margins is business letters are - inches 1 inch
Only - abbreviations should be used in business letters Standard
- Mail does not require postmark @ post office Metered mail
- Mail secure system via USPS that can be tracked Registered mail
A method used to send large quantities of mail at a discounted rate sending bulk mail
a written record of a meeting Minutes
Cd's cassettes, etc is - mail Media mail
a list of topics to discuss at a meeting an agenda
A process that uses stored data to create letters, envelopes and labels mail merge
A form of informal communication within an office/organization Memoranda
Important vitals Height and weight Temp BMI Blood Pressure and pulse Respiration
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