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SAT Confusing Words

SAT confusing words

I _________ your terms of the agreement. accept or except accept
May I have _________ to your account information. access or excess access
We were living under __________ conditions when I need it. adverse or averse adverse
I don't want to take your __________. advice or advise advice
Drinking too much can ________ your brain development. affect or effect affect
The answer to the question ________ me. alluded or eluded eluded
He ________ me that I was a right fit for the job. assured or ensured assured
We had several cases to ______. cite or site cite
The right question will _______ the response you are looking for. illicit or elicit elicit
The problem was __________ by her yelling. exacerbated or exaggerated exacerbated To make things worse
The _________ professor's presentation was packed with people. eminent or imminent eminent
We all went to the Renaissance ________.. fair or fare fair
I _____ the book down on the beside table. lay or lie lay
From her ________, I am the one doing something wrong. perspective or prospective perspective
Your reputation ________ you. precedes or proceeds precedes
I invested my _________ in the project. principal or principle principal
He was way off base and went _____ far. too
________ for the wart on her nose, she was perrfect. accept or except except
He was living in _________ and because he could buy whatever he wanted. access or excess excess
I was _________ to spending the next 4 years in college. adverse or averse averse
She was willing to __________ me on everything under the sun, so I left her. advice or advise advise
Living under wretched conditions had permanent _______ on me. affect or effect effect
His statement ______ to the fact that I had not studied at all. alluded or eluded alluded
I was there to __________ the delivery of the package. assure or ensure ensure
The pottery showed that the civilization had occupied the _____ for 100 years. cite or site site
He had excellent eye _________. site or sight sight
I wanted nothing to do with the ________ drugs. elicit or illicit illicit
She loved to ____________ her problems. exacerbate or exaggerate exaggerate
The professors arrival was ____________. eminent or imminent imminent
It was the best _______ we had eaten in a long time and was worth the ________ to get in. fair or fare fare and fare
I will often _______ on my bed when I read. lay or lie lie
He was the best __________ client I had. perspective or prospective prospective
Normally you _________ to the right. precede or proceed proceed
Since he was the school ____________, he had to have impeccable ___________. principal or principle principle and principle
I went _______ the store after dinner. to or too to
The __________ of the lottery are for education. proceeds or precedes proceeds
Created by: LLittle
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