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Medical terminology

The Human Body

acu- needle
-algia pain
anomal/o irregular
anthrop/o man, human being
antr/o antrum
aque/o water
axi/o axis
bar/o weight, pressure
bio,bi/o life, living
blast/o, -blast early embryonic stage, immature
calor/i heat
carcin/o cancer
cata- down,downward
caud/o tail
chem/o Chemical, Chemistry
chron/o time, timing
-coma deep sleep
corpor/o body
cry/o cold
cyt/o, - cyte cell
dors/o back
duct/o to lead
dynam/o power, strength
-dynia pain
equi- equality, equal
eti/o cause
fil/i, fil/o thread
-form specified shape, form
-genesis production, formation
ger/o, geront/o aged, old age
gymn/o naked
-hexia condition
hist/o tissue
hydr/o water, hydrogen
iatr/o treatment, physician
-ician specialist
ion/o ion
kary/o nucleus
kel/o tumor, fibrous growth
-labile unstable, perishable
later/o side
-logist specialist
-logy study of
-lucent light-admitting
lumin/o light
ly/o dissolve, loosen
medi/o middle
medic/o heal, healing
mer/o part
meso- middle
morph/o shape, form
nom/o custom, law
nomen- name
nos/o disease
nucle/o nucleus
nutri/o to nourish
-oma tumor, mass
onc/o tumor, mass
organ/o organ
path/o disease
pharmac/o drugs
physi/o nature
-plasm formation, growth
-poiesis formation
prote/o protein
psamm/o sand, sand-like material
-puncture to pierce a surface
pyr/o fire, fever, heat
pyret/o fever
sanit/a health
scirrh/o hard
somat/o body
-some body
spectr/o image, spectrum
system/o system
techn/o art, skill
temp/o, tempor/o time, the temples
the/o a god
-therapy, therapeut/o treatment
-tumescence, tumesc/o swelling
-type, typ/o class, representative form
ventr/o belly, front of the body
-verse turn
vir/o virus
viscer/o internal organs
vit/o life
zyg/o union, junction
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