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Stand idiom

(one) could stand (something) one would be or feel better if one had something.
a house divided against itself cannot stand If the members of a group fight each other, the group will disintegrate.
at a stand at a loss
stand shoulder to shoulder with somebody To be together, side by side
stand stock still To not move at all
blow this Popsicle stand To leave a place, especially one that has become dull or of no use or interest,
can't stand (someone or something) Cannot tolerate someone
every tub must stand on its own bottom Everyone must be self-sufficient.
stand still for to tolerate or endure something.
if you can’t stand the ˈheat (get out of the ˈkitchen) to stop trying to do something if they find it too difficult, especially in order to suggest that they are less able than other people
it stands to reason It is the logical conclusion
know where you stand (with someone) to know how someone feels about you, or what you are allowed to do in a particular situation
know where you stand know what your position is; know what somebody expects of you
make (one's)/the hair stand up on the back of (one's) neck To scare or horrify someone
make someone's hair stand on end alarm or horrify someone.
more than one can stand more of something, such as trouble or something bad, than a person can endure
not have a leg to stand on To have no evidence, support, or justification for one's argument or actions.
not stand an earthly (chance) have no chance at all.
not stand in somebody's way To refrain from obstructing, hampering, impeding, or preventing someone's or something's action or progress.
not stand the sight of (someone or something) To be unable to tolerate, accept, enjoy, or endure someone or something
stand (in) back of (someone or something) to stand or position oneself to the rear of someone or something.
stand (in) back of (someone or something) To guarantee, ensure, or show one's steadfast support of someone or something
stand a round (of drinks) buy a drink at the same time for each of your friends in a pub, bar
stand and deliver to give up something to someone who demands it.
stand aside to step aside; to get out of the way.
stand by (one's) guns To remain determined, resolute, or steadfast
stand fast/firm To remain determined, stalwart, and unyielding, as in one's position or opinion.
stand for (something) to permit something; to endure something.
stand for (something) to signify something.
stand for (something) to endorse or support an ideal.
stand (one's) ground To refuse to yield, compromise, or be belittled
stand in for someone to substitute for someone; to serve in someone's place.
stand in (someone's) shoes To see or understand things from someone else's position or perspective; to empathize with someone.
stand in awe of (someone or something) To have a great amount of respect or admiration for someone, sometimes to the point of feeling nervous or fearful around them.
stand (someone) in good stead [for something] to be of great use and benefit to someone (in the future.)
stand off from to be or remain at some distance from someone or something.
stand on (one's) hands To turn one's body upside down and remain vertical while balancing on nothing but one's hands.
stand on (one's)/its own To be able to function independently of other people or things
stand on one's dignity to remain dignified in spite of difficulties.
stand on me rely on me; believe me.
stand on the shoulders of giants To make discoveries, insights, or progress due to the discoveries or previous work of great minds that have come before.
stand out (from something) To be especially noticeable, conspicuous, or prominent,
stand out from the crowd To be especially noticeable, conspicuous, or prominent,
stand over (someone/something) To monitor or supervise someone or something very attentively.
stand over To delay or postpone something to a later date or time.
stand pat (on something) to stick firmly to one’s position or opinions
stand still for (something) To accept, tolerate, endure, or put up with something.
stand the gaff To face and withstand intense censure or criticism.
stand the test of time To work, function, or endure for a very long time.
stand to (attention) To take up positions for military action; ready for a attack.
stand to lose to be likely to lose something or have it taken away.
stand trial To be brought before a judge for a crime or misdeed.
stand up and be counted to state one's support (for someone or something).
stand up in court [for a case] to survive a test in a court of law.
stand up with To be one's best man or maid of honor at one's wedding
stand with to unite with someone, as in defense.
stand out a mile To be very conspicuous.
stand-in a substitute; a temporary replacement.
take a firm stand (on or against something) To publicly assert one's opinion or defense of or opposition to something without relenting.
stand something on its head make people think about something in a completely different way
stand something on its head turn something upside down
a last-ditch stand A desperate final attempt
an empty sack cannot stand upright One must eat in order to carry out one's duties
can't stand the pace Cannot do something well or at all when under stress or pressure
from where I stand in my own opinion
stand guard to act as a guard or a lookout for someone or something.
more than flesh and blood can stand More unpleasant, painful, or offensive to the senses than one is able to tolerate.
stand against To oppose or defy someone or something
stand at to stand or remain in a particular state
stand behind (someone or something) To guarantee, ensure, or show one's steadfast support of someone or something, or for someone's or something's worth, ability, performance
stand corrected to admit that one has been wrong.
stand in (one's) own light To harm, hinder, or tarnish one's own reputation, opportunities, or advantages, as through foolish or reproachable actions
stand in the gap To assume a position of active, resolute defense (for or against something).
not stand on ceremony to not worry about the formal rules of polite behaviour
stand on one's own feet To be strong and independent
stand on two feet to act in an independent and forthright manner.
stand or fail by (something) To have one's success or failure dictated by a particular factor.
stand out like a sore thumb be very obviously and often embarrassingly different from the surrounding people or things.
stand someone up To fail to meet someone for a date, meeting, or appointment, especially without telling them.
stand someone up To remain or prove to be valid, credible, or defensible.
the way things stand Considering the current situation; under the current circumstances
United we stand, divided we fall People who join together as a group are much harder to defeat than they would be separately
blow this pop stand To leave a place, especially one that has become dull or of no use or interest,
stand idly by to remain close, doing nothing to help
stand a chance To have a possibility
stand around to wait around, standing; to loiter.
stand between to position oneself between things and people
stand down to step down, particularly from the witness stand in a courtroom.
stand down To resign from some job or position, especially one with high power or authority
stand off To remain separate or at a distance (from someone or something else).
stand tall To prove or display one's pride, confidence, or fortitude.
stand outside (of) (something) to remain outside of a place, standing.
stand there with one’s bare face hanging out to stand someplace looking helpless and stupid
stand to a treat to pay for a treat for someone.
stand up against/to to withstand or hold one's own against someone or something.
stand well with to be acceptable or agreeable to someone.
They also serve who only stand and wait Sometimes you must be patient and do nothing, even though you would like to be actively helping.
Created by: nguyentritam
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