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Blood, Lymphatic and

Adenoid/o adenoids
Agglutin/o clumping; sticking together
Angi/o vessels (blood)
Arteri/o artery
Cyt/o cell
Erythr/o red
Fung/o fungus
Hem/a, Hem/o, Hemat/o blood
Iatr/o physician; treatment
Immun/o immune; protection
Kary/o nucleus
Leuk/o white
Log/o study
Ly/o breakdown; dissolve; loosen
Lymph/o, Lymphat/o lymph
Lyphaden/o lymph node
Lymphangi/o lymph vessel
Morph/o shape; form
Myel/o bone marrow; spinal cord
Nucle/o nucleus
Path/o disease
Phleb/o vein
Ser/o serum; serous
Splen/o spleen
Thromb/o clot
Thym/o thymus
Tonsill/o tonsils
Tox/o poison
Ven/I, Ven/o vein
Vir/o virus
A-, an- not; without
Anti- against
Auto- self
Con- together, with
En- in, within
Epi- on; over; upon
Macro- large
Mega- large
Meta- change; beyond
Mono- one, single
Neo- new
–al, -ar, -ic, -ical, -tic pertaining to
–ation process; condition
–blast developing cell
–crit to seperate
–cyte cell
–e (noun suffix with no meaning)
–ectomy surgical removal; excision
–emia blood condition
–emic pertaining to blood condition
–fusion to come together, to pour
–gen substance that produces
–globulin proteins
–ia condition
–in, -ine chemical; chemical compound; substance
–itis inflammation
–logist specialist
–logy study of
–lysis breakdown; seperation; loosening
–lytic pertaining to breakdown or destruction
–megaly enlargement
–oma tumor; mass
–osis abnormal condition
–penia deficiency
–phage eat; swallow
–pheresis removal
–phil, -philia love, attraction for
–phoresis, carrying, transmission
–plasm formation; structure
–plastic pertaining to formation
–plasty surgical repair
–poiesis formation
–rrhage rupture; bursting forth (of blood)
–sis state; condition
–stasis stoppage of flow
–suppression to stop
–therapy treatment
–tomy process of cutting, incision
Phag/o eat; swallow; engulf
Poly- many, much
Pro- before; forward
Trans- across
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