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RCS Anat 5-6 Review

Rosehill Anatomy Modules 5 and first half of Module 6

motor unit one neuron and all the skeletal muscle cells it stimulates
motor end plate the position on the muscle cell where the nerve cell "connects"
snaptic gap the gap between the nerve ending and the muscle cell
acetylecholine When a nerve impulse reaches the nerve ending, this is released.
action potential The electrical current generated along the muscles cell membrane is called an ___, and is the signal for the muscle cell to contract.
Contraction the action of a muscle cell after is receives a signal
twitch contraction When a single message causes a single contraction
tetanus When contraction is prolonged, or fused, ? has occurred.
slow-twitch Muscle fibers that use small amounts of energy and are resistant to fatigue can contract for many hours. They are termed _____ muscle fibers.
fast-twitch Muscle fibers that use large amounts of energy and do the most powerful movements fatigue more quickly. They are termed _____ muscle fibers.
cellular respiration Most energy for mucle contraction at rest and with light exercise if provided by the process of ___, using glucose or other nutrient source.
creatine phosphate short term supplies of ATP are provided for by phosphorylation, using ___ _____; this lasts only about 20 sec.
oxygen debt With intense exercise, ___ ___ and lactic fermentation occurs. This leads to fatigue and cramps in the muscle.
cramps ____ in the muscle is caused by oxygen debt and lactic fermentation. They will go away as activity slows down.
concentric Muscle contractions in which the muscle shortens are called ____ contractions; (most people think of these as "normal.")
eccentric If the muscle actually slowly lengthens, for instance, when the load is too heavy, the contractions are called ____.
isometric muscle contractions in which the muscle length stays the same are called _____
origin The end that is stationary when the muscle contracts is the ____.
insertion The end of the muscle that moves is the ___.
flexion Bending at a joint is called ___.
extension Straightening your joint is called ___.
prime mover muscle that is most involved in any speific action
antagonist muscles that oppose the action of another muscle
synergist muscles taht help the action of another are called ___.
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