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Anatomy Final Exam 1

Anatomy and Phyisology Final Exam

Basement membrane occurs between what 2 tissues? Epthelial tissue and Connective Tissue
Name the general functions of Eptheilial Tissue. protects, secretes, absorbs
Where does carcinoma cancer orginate? Epthelial tissue
What type of tissue are tendons and ligaments? Fibrosis connective tissue
Why is cartilage tissue slow to heal? It lacks blood vessels
Permanent wrinkling of skin is due to what? Sunlight
Another name for a bone cell is? Osteocyte
Muscle Tissue that is voluntary Skeletal
Where is cardiac muscle tissue found? Only in the heart
What tissue replaces damaged cardiac tissue? Scar made up of connective tissue
Skeletal Muscle cells contain many nuclei. True or False? True
Muscle tissue conducts nerve cells. True or False? False
A nerve cell can also be called a neuroglial. True or False? False
Where do you find smooth muscle tissue? Internal organs of the body
What is vascular tissue made of? blood cells (White and Red), plasma, platelets, blood vessels
Bone cells are arranged around concentric canals. True or False? True
Mucus secreting goblet cells would be an example a unicellular gland. True or false? True
90% of all cancers orginate from what tissue? Epthelial Tissue
What is the respiratory passage composed of? psuedostratified tissue, ciliated tissue, and mucus secreting tissues
What tissue makes up the walls of blood vessels? simple squamous epthelium
What are the 4 types of tissue? Epthelial, Connective, Muscle, and Nerve
Where is the subcutaneous layer? Underneath the dermis layer
As cells rise to the surface they tend to ... Die
Where do you find blood vessels in the skin Dermal layer and subcutaneous layer
Which is not a method to help prevent ulcers? maintaining one position
Skin cells play a vital role in the production of what vitamin? Vitamin D
In healthy skin the production of new cells is balanced with the number of dead cells being shed. True or False? True
What is dermal papillae? Inward ridges that create fingerprints
Skin plays a role in developing white blood cells for what? for immunity
Name the four layers of the epidermis (bottom to top). Stratum Basale, Stratum Spinosum, Stratum Granulosum, Startum Corneum
Where is stratum lucidum found? On the soles of feet and palms and present before the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis.
Carcinoma appears most commonly on the... Neck, face, and scalp
What cells produce the shaft of hair? Dead Epthelial Cells
When smooth muscle contracts body heat is conserved. True or False? True
Eccrine sweat glands respond to what? Elevated body temp.
Acne is caused by what overactive gland? Sebaceous Glands
Why is regulation of body temp very important? Slight changes alter metabolic reactions
What is the normal response to excess loss of body heat? Shivering, blood vessels constict and sweat glands become inactive.
When body temp drops below normal dermal vessels dilate. True or False? False
A burn that involves the epidermis only is called a deep partial thickness burn. True or False? False
Hair color is detrimined by the amount of keratin during keratinization. True or False? False
Secretion of sabaceous glands is sebum. True or False? True
Nerve fibers scattered all through the dermis hook up to... glands, smooth muscles, sensory receptors
How does sweat cool the body down? By evaporation
Where are apocrine glands most numerous? Axillary regions
What determines the color of skin? Melanin made by melanocytes
Nail plate is composed of what? specialized epthelial cells
Who is most likely to get cutaneous carcinoma? People over 40, people who work/play outside, and fair-skinned people.
Injections that are given to tissue within the skin are called? Intra dermal
Epidermis nourished by blood vessels located in what layer? dermis
What is the dermis resposible for the skin? Its structural strength
As cells move towards the skin surface that produce_____that makes skin waterproof through a process called______. Keratin, keratinization
What layer is falling off during dandruff? Stratum Corneum
Skin exposed to excess friction or pressure develops? calus
Albino people lack melanin. True or False? True
Bluish tinge of skin is due to what? Low oxygen in blood called cyanosis
What is inflammation of skin? Dermatitis
What is the yellow pigament produce by from plant products? B-carotene
If you cut your arm and see connective tissue and fat you have cut to what layer? Top layer to subcutaneous layer (all)
Baldness is more common in men than women. True or False? True
Arrector pili muscles contract and give one goosebumps. True or False? True
Apocrine gland activity leds to what? Body Odor
What happens to create red cheeks? the blood cells of the dermis of the cheek dilate.
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