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CDFM Module 2

What law identifies the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the senior ranking member of the Armed Forces? Goldwater-Nichols DoD Reorganization action of 1986
The military operational chain of command runs from the President to whom? SECDEF to the Combatant Commanders
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the principal military advisor to which officials and/or organizations? The President, National Security Council and the SECDEF
Who serves as the Chairman of the National Security Council? The President
Name the three major phase of the PPBE process that result in the DoD portion of the President's Budget that is submitted to Congress. Planning, Programming and Budgeting
What is the title of the senior OSD official responsible for the planning phase of the PPBE process? Undersecretary of Defense (Policy)
What is the title of the senior OSD official responsible for issuing programming guidance? Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (D, CAPE)
What is the title of the senior OSD official who is the principal advisor and assistant to the SECDEF for budget and fiscal matters? Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller)/CFO
The Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) serves as the Chairman to which Board? Defense Acquisition Board (DAB)
Assume today's date is 1 March 2017 and your organization knows about a new project or requirement that will require its initial funding in FY 2024. What is the first PPBE-related document in which you could identify resources for that requirement? POM 2020-2024
What is the title of the final document of the planning phase? Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)
What is the name of the automated database that summarizes all forces, resources, and equipment associated with programs approved by the SECDEF? Future Years Defense Program (FYDP)
What is the phase of a PPBE process in which programmatic decisions are translated into requested resources in an appropriations format? Budgeting (Budget Development)
What is the name of the document prepared by the Joint Staff after its review of POMs submitted by the Military Departments that focuses on the balance and capabilities contained in those POMs? Chairman's Program Assessment (CPA)
Following a review of a Component's budget submission and a potential budget hearing in the fall timeframe, the USD(C) budget analyst prepares a draft document that is submitted to the DEPSECDEF or SECDEF. What is the signed document called? Resource Management Decision (RMD)
Advance Procurement is an exception to what funding policy? Full Funding
Within what type document does Congress specify the number of fiscal years that an appropriation account remains current and available for new obligations? An Appropriations Bill (Becomes Law when signed by the President)
An Economy Act order was issued to another federal agency for specific services, the appropriation has expired, services have not been provided or contracted for. What must be done with the obligated funds? De-Obligate
What is the term used for shifting funds between appropriations? Transfer
What is the long-term goal of a working capital fund? To break-even
A WCF has an officer (O-4) properly assigned to the organization and that officer is doing the work that would normally be performed by a GS-13. For managerial cost accounting, how is the cost of the officer's pay charged? At the civilian GS-13 rate (and the proper MILPER account is reimbursed for that amount)
Your organization overpaid a contractor on a contract awarded from an appropriation that is now in cancelled status, and the contractor sent in a check for the overpayment. What can you legally do with the refund from the contractor? Credit the refund to Misc Receipts of the U.S Treasury
Monies not appropriated by Congress that are generated primarily from the sale of goods & services are known as what? Non-appropriated Funds
The Defense Acquisition System is the management process that guides DoD acquisition programs and is basically the process by which program risk is managed. What are the 3 risks that must be managed? Cost, Schedule and Performance risks
What are the appropriations that may be used to fund an acquisition program? RDT&E, Procurement, O&M, MILCON, & MILPERS
What is the term used to describe dollars shown in the life cycle cost estimate wherein the effects of inflation are not considered? Base year dollars or Constant year dollars
What is the term used to describe dollars used for programming and budgeting purposes wherein the effects of inflation are considered? Then-year dollars or Current year dollars
What cost structure does MIL-STD-881C represent? Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Which cost estimating method is based on direct comparison with historical information of one similar system? Analogy Method
Which cost estimating method is known as a statistical method or top-down method? Parametric Approach
Which cost estimating method requires extensive knowledge of the product or process? Engineering Approach
What are the methods/steps in conducting the Delphi Technique? Query expert opinion, Seek supporting rationale or information from each expert, Summarize results, Gather second opinion, Continue until consensus or near consensus is reached
What is the theory that as the quantity of output doubles, the man-hours required to produce the quantity decreases at a fixed rate? Learning Curve Theory
What is the name of the integrated management tool intended to relate contractor actual performance to the planned cost & schedule that measure work progress objectively and states the value of completed work in dollars? Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
What is the EVM-related term when there is a difference between budgeted cost of work performed and actual cost of work performed on a cost reimbursable contract? Cost Variance
What is the systematic approach to the problem of choosing the best method of allocating scarce resources to achieve a given objective? Economic Analysis
Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance, and Productivity Improvements are examples of what type of cost benefits? Quantifiable Benefits
In regards to measures of Central Tendency, what is a mean? A mode? A median? Mean is arithmetic average, mode is the most frequent score in a distribution of scores, median is the middle of arrayed values
What does correlation measure? Measures the degree of relationship between 2 or more variables
For a perfect correlation to exist, what would be the coefficient? 1 /-1
When evaluating a proposed investment or project with costs/benefits occurring in the current and future years, it is necessary to "bring back to today's dollars" all cost/benefits. What is this process determining? Net Present Value of the proposed investment/project
What is a radical redesign of key business processes that involves examination of the fundamental process itself? Business Process Re-engineering (Business Process Innovation)
To be successful, a BPR team should include individuals possessing what competencies and experiences? one who doesn't know the process well, one who knows the process well, customers, a member from organizations impacted, one techie, 1 or 2 SMEs, a member from outside the organizations impacted, a senior leader to provide support
What is the suggested maximum # of participants on a re-engineering team? Fewer than 10
What is the process of measuring and comparing one's performance against "best-in-class" organizations and then adapting the best practices of those organizations to improve one's own performance? Benchmarking
What law or regulation has as its goal the improvement of federal program effectiveness and public accountability by promoting a focus on results, service quality, and customer satisfaction? Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)
In federal agencies, how often must strategic plans required under the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 be updated? Every 4 years
Federal agencies are required to submit to OMB & Congress financial-related reports on an annual basis. If a consolidated report is submitted to meet the requirement it is called a PAR. DoD does not submit consolidated reports - what is submitted? Agency Financial Report/SOA - November, Annual Performance Report - February
What is the term for anything produced by an organization that can be tabulated, calculated, or recorded and can be expressed in a quantitative or qualitative measure? Output or Output Measures
What is the term for an assessment of the manner and extent to which a program activity has achieved its intended objectives? Program Evaluation
What is the name of the process in which the intent is to shift functions and responsibilities, in whole or in part, from the Government to the private sector? Privatization
What is the name of the process in which a Government entity remains fully responsible for the provision of affected services and maintains control over management decisions, while another entity operates the function or performs the services? Outsourcing
There are certain situations in which a DoD organization may retain funds that it receives from sources other than its normal appropriations or reimbursable activities rather than sending those funds to US Treasury as Misc Receipts. What must exist? Federal level legal authority or the funds must be sent to Treasury
The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs acts as? The Chairman of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) and is the Vice Chair of the DAB
Who are the principal members of the National Security Council? President, Vice President, SECDEF, Secretary of State, Secretary of Energy
Who is responsible for developing the National Security Strategy? The President
Congress has directed a National Defense Strategy (NDS) how often? Every 4 years unless appropriate to update at an intermittent time
The last Defense Strategic Guidance was published by the President when? January 3, 2012
The National Military Strategy is developed by whom to address objectives in the DoD Strategic plan that require a military response. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support (SHD&CS) is prepared by whom? SECDEF
What process is used to acquire, allocate, account for, and analyze personnel and financial resources for the DoD? PPBE
Who certifies within the DoD the accuracy of the financial statements? No one- trick question; Financial statements are not certified to accuracy only that they are presented fairly
The Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller) has oversight responsibility for? DFAS and DCAA
Each Combatant Commander prepares a list of high-priority needs, prioritized across service and functional lines and considers fiscal constraints - known as what? Integrated Priority Lists
Integrated Priority Lists are submitted to? SECDEF, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Military Departments
The FYDP contains? Forces, manpower and total obligational authority identified to a program element, Budget year, the next 4 years for resources, and the following 3 years of force structure requirements
DoD 7045.7-H, FYDP program structure is maintain by? D, CAPE
Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) does what? final document of the planning process, fiscally constrained programmatic guidance to limit goals to what can be achieved financially, links planning phase to programming and budgeting phase of PPBE
What are costs incurred to operate and maintain the organization? Expenses
What are costs that result in the acquisition of, or an addition to, end items? Investments
DoD considers O&M and MILPERS to be what type of appropriations? Expense
Procurement and MILCON are considered what type of appropriations? Investment
RDT&E appropriations are? Both expense and investment
The incremental funding rule? Only those funds required for work in a given fiscal year shall be included in the RDT&E budget request for that fiscal year for most classes of effort
What is a vehicle for acquiring multiple years of requirements for systems or sub-systems for a single contract, usually up to a maximum of five years, without having the obligational authority for the full five years at the time of contract signing? Multiyear Procurement (MYP)
The shift of funds from one purpose or activity to another within the same appropriation is known as? Reprogramming
A _________ of funds that occurs between two different appropriations requires statutory authority and requires approval of the Armed Services and Appropriations Committees prior to implementation. Transfer
In a DWCF activity, a profit or loss is the difference between total revenue and total expenses in any given service and for the total activity. This is called what? Net operating result
What contains all reoccurring & non reoccurring costs which are reported to DoD in contractor cost data sheets? Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
What are the strengths in using the Analogy cost estimating method? Quick, inexpensive, easy to change
What are the weaknesses in using the Analogy cost estimating method? Subjective, imprecise
What are the strengths in using the Parametric cost estimating method? Uses cost estimating relationships, easy to do "what-if" drills, relatively inexpensive to prepare the estimate
What are the weaknesses in using the Parametric cost estimating method? Moderately subjective, precision only as good as the validity of the data evaluated
What are the strengths in using the Engineering cost estimating method? Very accurate in later stages of engineering & manufacturing development. For equipment or systems in current production, it can provide very accurate cost projections. Limited subjectivity
What are the weaknesses in using the Engineering cost estimating method? Very expensive to prepare the estimate, very time-consuming to prepare the estimate, difficult to do "what if" drills, usually performed by contractors
What is another approach that uses subjective judgment of an experienced individual or group? Expert opinion
What is a cost estimating approach that is based on the costs of the activities involved? Activity-based costing
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