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Thyroid info

myxedema seen in adults with hypothyroidism (facial edema)
Graves most common cause of hyperthyroidism via IgG Abs that stim the TSH receptor
Goiter is commonly the result of ? iodine deficiency and Hashimoto thyroiditis
most common thyroid disease Goiter
Auto Abs to the thyroid Hashimotos (autoimune thyroiditis)
most common cause of goiters in kids hashimotos
acute thyroiditis bacterial staph and strep
subacute thyroiditis viral DeQervain's thyroiditis
granulomatous inflammation viral subacute thyroiditis
most common thyroid neoplasm Follicular Adenoma
microfollicles and a fibrous cap Follicular Adenoma
capsular or vascular invasion carcinoma follicular carcinoma (50% invade via hematogenous spread to the bone and lung)
orphan annie eyes papillary carcinoma
psammoma bodies papillary carcinoma
shatterred colloid papillary carcinoma
50% mets to lymphatics with great prog papillary carcinoma
Bizzare cells and fatal in 6 months Anaplastic Carcinoma
Carcinoma from C Cells Medullary carcinoma
Carcinoma in the Superior thyroid Medullary Carcinoma
amyloid stroma with Nested appearance Medullary Carcinoma
calcitonin stain detection medullary carcinoma
Neurosecretory granules Medullary carcinoma
C-cell hyperplasia and secretes calcitonin Medullary carcinoma
50% 5 year medullary carcinoma
very very rare neoplasm of the thyroid lymphoma
Created by: jmuame03