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cont ch.9 med term


anemia a condition in which is a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood to levels below the normal range, resulting in a deficiency of oxygen being delivered to the cells
anemia, aplastic called bone marrow; characterized by pancytopenia- an inadequacy of the formed by blood elements
anemia, hemoltic characterized by the extreme reduction in circlating RBC'S due to their destruction
anemia, iron deficiency characterized by deficiency of hemoglobin level due to a lack in the body
anemia, pernicious results from a deficiency of mature RBCs and the formation and circulation of metalbasts with marked poililocytosis and anisoscytosis
anemia, stickle cell is a chronic hereditary form of hemoltic anemia in which the RBCs become like a cresent in the presence of low oyygen concentration
granulocytosis is an abnormally elevated number of granulocytes in the circulating blood as a reaction to any varitey of inflammation or infection
hemochromatosis is a rare iron metabolism disease characterized by iron deposits throughout the body, ususally as a complication of one of the hemolytic anemias
hemophillia involves different hereditary inadequacies of cogulation factors resulting inprolonged bleeding times
leukemia(ALL, AML,CML) is an excessive uncontrolled increase of immature WBCs in the blood eventually leadin to infection, aneima and thrombcytopenia
muliplte myeloma (plasma cell myelona) a maligant plasma cell neoplasm
polycythemia vera is an abnomral increase in the number of RBCs, granuloicytes and thrombucytes- leading to increae in blood volume and viscorty
purpura is a collection of blood beneath the skin in the form of pinpoint hemorraghes apperaing as red-purple skin discolorations
ARC related complex
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
CDC centers for disease control and prevention
cmv cytomgealovrius
ebv epstein-barr virus
elisa enyzeme-linked immunosorbent assay
histo histology
hiv human immunodeficiency virus
hsv herpes simplex virus
itp idipoathic thrombocytopenic purpura
ks kaposi's sacroma
sle systemic lupus erythematosus
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