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praxis geo phys char

physical characteristic terms for praxis II geography 0014

archipelago a chain or group of islands in a sea or ocean
atoll a ring or partial ring or coral that forms an island in a sea or ocean
bluff a cliff
butte a high isolated flat top rock or hill with steep sides formed by the impact of tectonic plates
canyon deep valley carved by a river with very steep sides includes a deep gorge with a running stream or river
cape a narrow pointed piece of land that juts out from the coastline into a body of water
cave a large hole or hollow in the ground or side of a mountain
cavern a cave especially large and dark
cliff a steep face of rock and soil
col a mountain pass; a depression in the summit line of a chain of mountains
continent a large mass of land, of which there are seven, that covers a specific area of Earth's surface
delta silt, sand and rock which is low watery land formed at the mouth of a river and often shaped like a triangle
isle a small island or peninsula
islet a small island usually isolated
isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces with water on two sides
mesa an isolated land or hill usually in a dry area with a flat top and steeply sloping sides
pininsul a body ofland surrounded by water on 3 sides
pinnacle the hightest point of rock, ice or land
bay an area of water partly enclosed by land and smaller than a gulf
canal an artificial waterway constructed for irrigation, drainage, river overflows, water supplies, communication or navigation
channel a body of water that connects 2 larger bodies of water
cove a horseshoe shaped body of water along the goast surrounded by land formed of soft rock
estuary a location where the river meets the ocean
fjord a long narrow sea inlet bordered by steep cliffs
gulf a part of ocean or sea that is partly surrounded by land, larger than a bay
sound a wide inlet of sea or ocean that is parallel to coastline. it seperates coastlines from nearby islands
strait a narrow body of water that connects two larget bodies of water
tributary a stream or river that flows into a larger waterway
climate the long term pattern of weather in a specific area on earth
tropical climate high temperatures year round with large amounts of rain
dry climate limited rains with huge daily temperature ranges
temperate climate warm and dry summers with cool wet winters
cold (continental) climate seasonal temperatures vary wideless and overall precipitation is not high; found on the interiour or large land masses
polar climate extremely cold with permanent ice and tundra present
biome a large geographical area of distinctive plant life and animal life groups with have adapted to that particular environment. there are 9: alpine, chaparral, deciduous forest, desert, grasslands, rainforest, savanna, taiga, tundra
alpine snow, high winds, ice and cold. Mountain regions around the world with an altitude of 10,000 feet or above and lies below the snow line of a mountain
chaparral deserts. hot and dry (fire and droughts are common) Located on most continents with flat plains, rocky hills and mountain slopes
deciduous forest four seperate seasons; general located near an ocean which aids to the wind and precipitation
desert 2 types 1) hot and dry with little rainfall - located in tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn 2) extremely cold and snow, mostly barren - found near the arctic
grasslands 2 types 1) tall grass, humid and very wet and 2) short grasses, dry and hot summers with cold winters
rainforest year round warmth and high rainfall levels. Most lie near equator
savanna warm temberatures year round with 2 seasons winter - long and dry and summer - short and wet.
taiga boreal forest - largest biome in world - winers are cold with much snow and summers are warm, humid and rainy
tundra coldests and drieest biome, cold, dark winter with soggy warm summer in which the sun shines 24 hours/day
Created by: allie424
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