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Special Senses Word

Acous/o heairng
Acoust/o hearing; sound
Ambly/o dull; dim
Aque/o water
Audi/o, audit/o hearing
Blephar/o eyelid
Cerumin/o cerumen
Cochle/o cochlea
Conjunctiv/o conjunctia
Cor/o, Core/o pupil
Corne/o cornea
Cyst/o cyst; fluid sac; bladder
Dacry/o tear
Dipl/o douple
Glauc/o gray
Graph/o writting
Gustat/o taste
Ir/o, irid/o iris
Kerat/o cornea
Lacrim/o tears
Mi/o smaller; less
Mydr/o widened; enlarged
Myring/o tympanic membrane; eardrum
Nyct/o night
Ocul/o eye
Olfact/o smell
Opthalm/o eye
Opt/o, optic/o eye; vision
Ossic/o ossicle (small bone)
Ot/o ear
Papill/o optic disc; nipple-like
Phac/o, phak/o lens of the eye
Phot/o light
Presby/o old age
Retin/o retina
Salping/o Eustachian (auditory) rube; fallopian tube
Scot/o darkness
Staped/o stapes
Steat/o senum; fat
Stigmat/o point
Vestibul/o vestribule
Vitr/o vitreous body
Vitre/o glassy
A-, an- not; without
Ec- out; outside
En- in; within
Eso- inward
Exo- outward
Hyper- above; above normal; excessive
Hypo- below; below normal; deficient
Intra- within; into
–al, -atic, -ic, -ory, -our, -tic pertaining to
–cusis hearing
–ectomy surgical removal; excision
–esthesia feelings; sensation
–ia condition
–ion process; states; condition
–ism process; condition
–itis Inflammation
–metry process of measuring
–oma tumor; mass
–opia vision condition
–osmia smell condition
–otia smell condition
–pathy ear condition
–ptosis droop; sag; prolapse; protrude
–sclerosis hardening; thickening
–scope instrument used to view
–scopy visual examination using a scope
–tomy process of cutting; incision
-tropia to turn
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