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Path: Skin tumors

basic as can be

Seborrheic Keratosis Benign: papillomatous or plaque like proliferation of ordrly mature epidermal cells with both basaloid and squamous feartures
Skin Tag Core of reticular dermal collagen covered by normal or papillomatous seborrheic keratosis like epidermis
Epidermal cysts (wen or sebaceous) Cystic dilation of the follicular infundibulum lined with epidermis adn filled with keratin
Keratoacanthoma florid downgrowth of well differentiated squamous epithelium to form symmetric cup shaped tumor
Adnexal Tumor Tumor of sweat, sebaceous and follicular origin
syringoma adnexal tumor of the eccrine sweat gland under the eye
trichoepithelioma Adnexal tumor with follicular differentiation
Actinic Keratosis epidermal proliferation with some cytologic atypia of keratinocytes (near basilar layer) may have cutaneous horns and solar elastosis fibers from sun damage
Bowen's disease full thickness epidermal atypia with marked dypslasia of epidermal cells
SCC proliferation of atypical eosinophilic sqamoid epithelium wiht varying degrees of keatin production and derma INVASION
Basal cell carcinoma nodular prolifeation of atypical basal cells with peripheral palisading and retraction from adjacent epidermis
Sclerosing BCC small tumor islands embedded in fibrotic stroma
Superficial BCC nests of basal cells attached to the epidermis
Dermatofibroma localized intradermal prolifeationa of fibroblasts and histiocytes
Infantile cap. hemangioma sheets of closely packed capillaries that form large nodules with pushing margins
Lobular capillary hemangioma pyogenic hemangioma lobular arrangement of capillaries that can be obscured by surface ulceration, edema, and inflammation
Kaposi's Sarcoma Proliferation of uniform spindle cells that form patches or nodules in superficial dermis with erythrocytes in narrow slits between spindle cells
Lymphoid Infiltate mixed cell population of small and large lymphocytes
when is lymphoid infiltrate benign when there are germinal centers eosinophils and plasma/giant cells
what are leukemia lymphiod infiltrate findings monomorphic cytologically atypical dermal and cutaneous infiltrates tiwht diffuse destructive patterns
Mycoiss fungoids diagnostic band like infiltrates in the superficial dermis composed of atypical lymphid cells with hyperchromatic nuclei showing folded nuclear contours
Pautrier microabscess cells expand (Mycosis fungoids) into the epidermis adn form intraepidermal abscesses
seborrheic keratoiss tan brown stuck on
Skin tag small flesh colored pailloma
Epidermal cysts (wen or sebaceous cysts Cystic dilation of follicular infundibulum lined iwht epithelium filled with keratin
Keratoacanthoma elevated dome like with keratin crater
Adnexal Tumor tumor of the sweat sebacceous or follicular gland
syringoma adnexal tumor of the sweat gland under the eye
Tricchoepithelioma follicular differentiation
Actinic keratosis premalignant papules on sunesposed areas with most SCC arising from them
Bowen's Disease SCC in situ prestens as a plaque anywhere not just sun exposed full thickness epidermal atypia once invasive 40% mets
Bowens diseases is associated with HPV and arsenic exposure
SCC from actinic keratosis rarely mets can arise de novo from mucocutaneous jn, burns or radiation car, chronic usler or drainins sinus 10-40 percent mets
Basal Cell Carcinoma most common malignant skin tumor in sunexposed pearly trnaslucent papule or nodule "rodent ulcer"
Sclerosing BCC tumor island in fibrotic stroma
superficial BCC scaly patch iwht a nest of basal cell attached to epidermis
Dermatofibroma firm immobile intradermal nodule on extremities of young and middle ages with intradermal proliferation of fibroblasts and histiocytes
Capillary hemangioma external nose and nasal vestibules
infantile hemangioma strawberry hemangioma
Lobular capillary hemangioma pyogenic granuloma
Kaposi's sarcoma aids adn elderly in africa it affects younger with Herpes 8 but those with kaposi tend to have a better prognoiss
Lymphoid infiltrate often benign from arthropod bites, infectious agents, foreign material, when the immune cells are normal it is benign when they are abnomal it is malignant
Mycosis fungoids T cell lymphoma mostly primary cutaneous with lymphomas will disemminate
Pautrier microabscesses when the cells extend into the epidermis to form absecss long term remission are hard to come by even in the first stage this is a mycosis fungoides
Created by: jmuame03