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CDFM Module 1

Federal Laws are enacted by? Congress
What Article of the Constitution provides the power to raise taxes? Article 1
What occurs when Congress is not in session and the President does not sign a properly presented, enrolled bill within 10 days? Pocket Veto
Which branch of the government implements laws? Executive
What prevents the Congress and the President from unilaterally making laws and treaties? Separation of power
What article/section states that Congress shall have the authority "To make laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution...." Article 1, Section 8
"All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the __________, but the ________ may propose or concur with Amendments as on other bills" House of Representatives Senate
The _________ shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises.... Congress
A new Congress convenes for ______ following the November general elections; it consists of two sessions, each _____ in duration. 2 years 1 year
The _________was created for the purpose of auditing the executive branch. GAO
A bill is considered enrolled when? A measure has been passed in identical form by both the House and Senate.
This was declared unconstitutional in 1998 by the US Supreme Court? Line Item Veto Act
Who helps the President with developing spending policy, manages the executive budget and provides advice and analyses on a broad range of topics? OMB
__________ is the process of estimating the budgetary effects of pending legislation and comparing them to a baseline such as a budget resolution or to any limits that may be set in law. Scorekeeping
The Defense-related House and Senate Authorization Committees are? Armed Services (House & Senate) Intelligence (House & Senate) Energy (House & Senate) Environment & Public works (Senate)
_________ are normally transmitted to Congress as requests to provide funds in addition to amounts already appropriated for the ongoing fiscal year. Supplemental Requests
A continuing resolution... A temporary appropriation which provides budget authority for specific activities for a specific period of time. Dissolve when a regular appropriations bill is passed.
___________is distributed to agencies by OMB as part of the apportionment process. Budget Authority
The Budget Execution process starts? When the President signs the appropriations bill.
__________, required by 31 USC 1512, is part of the Government-wide system for administrative control of appropriations and funds. Apportionment
Annually, agencies submit initial apportionment requests to OMB via SF-132 within ______ after the approval of the act providing new budget authority. 10 days
_______are legislative actions canceling previously appropriated funds. Recisions
Commitments are...... Administrative reservation of funds
Obligations are....... Legal reservation of funds and is the amounts of orders placed, contracts awarded, services received that require payment in current or future periods.
Outlays are..... funds that have been moved from the Federal Treasury.
The authority to enter into obligations that will result in outlays. Budget Authority
This the amount by which the Government's budget outlays exceed it's budget receipts for any given period. Budget Deficit
What types of activities are excluded from competition under OMB Circular A-76? Inherently Government Activities
the number of personnel in, or projected to be in, an organization or account at a specified point in time. Actual Strength
Actual strength of an entire service, not necessarily equal to combined unit actual strengths because individuals may be assigned but not joined. Assigned Strength
US Citizens or foreign nationals hired directly or indirectly to work for DoD, paid from appropriated or non appropriated funds under permanent or temporary appointment DoD Civilian Workforce
The authorized and programmed strength at the end of the fiscal year for active forces, the selected reserve and appropriated-fund civilian employees in the FYDP Peacetime Strength
________ is the process of assembling, organizing and using manpower and material resource in preparation for war or other emergency Mobilization
Refers to a the Government's in-house organization to perform a commercial activity. It may included a mix of Federal employees and contract support. MEO
_____is a statement of the technical, functional, and performance characteristics of the work to be performed Performance Work Statement (PWS)
What are the options available to senior officers and employees of the executive branch who are at risk of financial conflict of interest. Recusal, Waivers, Certificates of Divestiture and Trusts
______________ and ___________ are components of a governance framework. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Internal Controls
_____________and ____________ are responsible for establishing and achieving goals and objectives, seizing opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency, providing reliable reporting, and maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations Federal Leaders Managers
The primary purpose of a _________________ is to provide thoughtful analysis of the risks an Agency faces toward achieving its strategic objectives and arising from its activities and operations. Risk Profile
What defines internal control as a process affected by an entity's oversight body, management, and other personnel that provides reasonable assurance that the objectives of an entity are achieved. The Green Book
_______________are the polices and procedures that apply to all or a large segment of an entity's information systems and help ensure their proper operation. General Controls
General Controls include? Security Management, Access Controls, Configuration Management, Segregation of Duties and Contingency Planning
What are directly related to individual computerized applications? Business Process Application Controls
What are the five components of the GAO framework for Internal Controls Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information & Communication, Monitoring
A _____________ exists when the design, implementation, or operation of a control does not allow management or personnel, in the normal course of performing their assigned functions, to achieve control objectives and address risks Control Deficiency
A ____________ is a deficiency, or a combination of deficiencies, in internal control that is less severe than a material weakness yet important enough to merit attention by those charged with governance Significant Deficiency
A ____________ is a significant deficiency that the Agency Head determines to be significant enough to report outside of the Agency. Material Weakness
Each corrected material weakness will include, as the last milestone, a validation step that does what? Evaluates and certifies the effectiveness of the corrective actions
A specific aim, goal, condition, or level of control established by a manager for an assessable unit that provides reasonable assurance that the resources allocated to that activity are safeguarded or protected against fraud, waste and abuse. Control Objective
A judgement by a DoD Component head based upon all available information that DoD Component's system of internal controls are operating as intended Reasonable Assurance
The probable or potentially adverse effects from inadequate internal controls that may result in the loss of Government resources or cause and agency to fail to accomplish significant mission objectives Risk
A prioritized inventory of the most significant risks identified and assessed through the risk assessment process. Risk Profile
Procedures to determine through observation, examination, verification, sampling or other procedures whether internal control systems are working as intended Testing
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