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Chapter 13

Assignment and Quiz Questions

What is the number of years an individual lives called? Life Span
The science that defines how individuals are genetically programmed to respond to drugs is: Pharmacogenomics
Which of the following is not recommended as a future focus for health care? Physician Training
Areas within health care that are likely to change in the future include: Data and Connectivity
What is the main force expanding the federal budget? Health care costs
Three key issues of concern to everyone within the American health care industry are Cost, access, quality
The largest purchasers of health care for most working adults are: The Government and Employers
What is the most often cited as the reason for being uninsured or under-insured? Costs
Those who have a vested interest in the American Health care industry are called: Stakeholders
Which of the following is likely for the future of health care? A focus on the health of the entire population
Which of the following is not a reason for the relatively high rate of infant mortality in the United States? Fewer births than other nations
What is the name of the lead federal agency responsible for tracking and improving the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness if healthcare for Americans? AHRQ
High-quality health care in the U.S is not: Universal
The science of determining how genes cause the expression of certain traits in individuals is Genometrics
What is the process called that involves correcting defective genes responsible for disease? Gene therapy
What is the term for the total value of all goods produced and services provided in America for one year? Gross Domestic Product
what is the term for the statistically probable number of years a newborn ought to live, based on environment, heredity, lifestyle and health practices, risk factors, and so on? Life expectancy
According to the 2014 publication Healthcare 2020, the following is true: We spend more on medical care than we do on food or housing.
The total cost of health care in the United States is often expressed as a percentage of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). The GDP represents what percentage of the country's income for all goods and services? 100%
Which of the following sell health care policies to individuals, agreeing to pay certain health care costs? Private Insureres
According to a study done by the Commonwealth Fund in 2013, What percentage of U.S adults spent a lot of time dealing with insurance paperwork and dispute with insurance companies? 32%
The term that describes the amount of money that health care stakeholders spend on health care in the United States is: cost
The study of changes in gene activity that do not involve alterations to the genetic code, but are still passed down to at least one successive generation is called: Epigenetics
According to the health care cost institute, what percentage of our health care costs are spent on new technology? 38 to 64%
The science that defines how individuals are genetically programmed to respond to drugs is called: Pharmacogenomics
In a survey done by the IMS institute for health care informatics in 2014, what internet source was most important for physicians? online videos
The 2012 costs for diabetes and diabetic health related problems were: $245 billion
Employers hope to contract with health care providers who can deliver quality services at a reasonable cost because they provide which of the following to their employees? health care benefits
Programs such as medicare, medicaid, the federal employees health benefits program, the military health system, the veterans health administration, the indian health service, and the state children's health insurance program help to pay the costs of heal Governments
The products and services that leverage the new developments in the study of human genes and capitalize on the trends toward wellness is called: personalized medicine
what is the term for those individuals who have a vested interest in the health care industry? Stakeholders
According to the health care cost institute, the increase in chronic cases by 2023 will add how much in treatment costs and lost economic productivity? $4.2 Trillion
The study of the proteins that genes create or express is called: Proteomics
A powerful computer is used to develop new drugs by looking at the molecular structure and chemical composition of target cells and creating substances that will bind to certain molecules, affecting their function inside the body. What is the term for thi Rational drug design
Which of the following conditions has been suggested as being related to an individual developing diabetes? Obesity
Which of the following statements is true of the gross domestic product (GDP)? In 2014, according to U.S government figures, health care spending had risen to 17.7 % of the GDP
According to the institute for the future, what four areas should the united states focus on to improve the health care outcomes in the United States? Common interests of individuals and communities, healthier food choices provided by the markets, better policy decisions for equity, funding and oversight, and more application of science and technology to solve health care problems
The agency for healthcare research and quality (AHRQ) regularly on important quality measures. which of the following statements reflects an improvement in quality care as reported in the 2012 report? Long stay nursing home residents who were assessed and given pneumococcal vaccination
The science of determining how genes cause the expression of certain traits in individuals is called: Genometrics
What has been the largest barrier to using stem cells to treat disease? Ethical and religious objections
According to the centers for medicare and medicaid services, in 2013 state and local governments spent how much of their budgets on health care costs? 31.5%
According to the institute for the future, what should not be happening to the health care model? Physicians should be independent to give the best care.
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