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Diuretics (Ziance)

Pharm Y2B3

thiazide MOA: early distal tubule - inc flow of Na and H2O downstream segments of DT
thiazide PT: Cl/Na channel - dec in Na reabsorption
thiazide ADR: impotence, hyponatremia, hemolytic anemia
thiazide hydrocholorothiazide
thiazide chlorthalidone
thiazide indapamide
loop diuretic MOA: ascending loop - inhibit Na/K/Cl cotransporter; DT and CD will NOT reabsorb extra Na and Cl
loop diuretic MOA: second site - inhibit Na reabsorb into interstitial fluid
loop diuretic MOA: third site - weak inhibition of CA
loop diuretic ADR: ototoxicity/nephrotoxicity; severe dehydration
loop diuretic furosemide
loop diuretic bumetanide
loop diuretic torsemide
loop diuretic ethacrynic acid
K sparring agent MOA: block Na channel in lumen, therefore less K diffusion in lumen
K sparring agent amiloride
K sparring agent triamterene
aldosterone receptor blocker MOA: CT - inhibit Na/H2O reabsorb. only takes several days
aldosterone receptor blocker ADR: gynecomastia
aldosterone receptor blocker spironolactone
CA inhibitor acetazolamide
CA inhibitor dorzolamide
osmotic diuretics 4 MOA sites: pretty much prevents osmosis, even reduces efficiency of Na/K/Cl cotransporter
osmotic diuretics ADR: worsening of CHF/pulmonary edema, reversible ARF
osmotic diuretic mannitol
combo therapy K-sparring + thiazide
K sparring agent ADR: reduce GLU tolerance, photosensitivity
Created by: fl_sun80