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Tier 1

Updated Tier 1 Questions

What is the FIRST C for job applications? Concentrated: Fill out applications concentrated to employer directions
What is the SECOND C for job applications? Concise: Tailor the applications to the needs of the concise job you are applying for. (Ex: transferable and job specific skills)
What is the THIRD C for job applications? Completely: Fill in applications completely; use N/A on non-applicable questions.
What is the FOURTH C for job applications? Correct: Use correct grammar to show you can "communicate using written forms" 87% of employers throw out applications with incorrect grammar.
What is the FIFTH C for job applications? Conscientious: Don't lie, do what is right; But show that you are capable of producing tangible results for the employer.
Explain the 1st (of 4) component of a Successful Job Search. Getting Organized: Organize your Space, Time, and Effort. Useful tools: phone, calendars, info sheets, file organizers.
Explain the 2nd (of 4)component of a Successful Job Search. Getting Recognized: through the application process; Use the 5 C's when completing applications to get recognized by employers
Explain the 3rd (of 4) component of a Successful Job Search. Getting Heard: through the interview process. Successful interviews have four phases so you can get heard.
Explain the 4th (of 4) component of a Successful Job Search. Getting Hired: Stand out by sending a thank you letter to the interviewer after the interview.
First phase of Interview Process is... Preparation. Longest phase, Practice Questions, Know travel destination and travel time, Prepare your outfit, don't forget documents.
Second phase of Interview Process is... Start. Begins when you leave the house. (Arrive 15 min early to interview) On arrival, turn off phone. 90% of interviewers have a problem with late candidates. 33% make decision NOT TO HIRE within 5 min.
Third phase of Interview Process is... Body. This is the actual interview. Relax, Listen, Be Professional, Demonstrate a "Can do" attitude
Fourth (and last) phase of Interview Process is... Conclusion (of the interview and after) Ask questions, shake hands, thank the interviewer(s). Send a thank you letter w/in 2 business days
What is the definition of Assessment? The act of appraising or getting information. Assessments are the basis of a career plan; these can be formal or informal. Assessments are done all throughout the relationship with customer
Career Aptitude Tests... find the best-suited employment based on the candidates' measured interests and actual abilities
What do the letters for "SMART" Goals stand for? Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-specific
Career Development Process: 1)Assessments 2)Exploring career decisions 3)Establishing a Plan of Action
In order to change customers have to be: Wiling to change, Flexible to move outside their comfort zone Creative in their approach Logical in their analysis
What counts as INformal Assessments? Observations and casual questions with job seeker (first impressions, communication skills, etc)
What counts as FORMAL Assessments? Tests- Computerized or paper-based
Two major developments in the last quarter of the 20th century that have changed employment are _________ and the __________. Globalization of commerce and industry AND the expansive growth of technological
In Retaining a Job, what is the FIRST Principle? Be prepared. Outfits. Travel time. Schedules. Supplies. Childcare. Note: Arriving late/leaving early are top reasons why employees are terminated.
In Retaining a Job, what is the SECOND Principle? Be present at work: Get work done! Have a plan in place for emergencies.
In Retaining a Job, what is the THIRD Principle? Like your job. Refrain from complaining, keep a positive attitude.
In Retaining a Job, what is the FOURTH Principle? Get along with your Boss. Take constructive criticism: Don't be argumentative.
In Retaining a Job, what is the FIFTH Principle? Get along with your co-workers. Be ready for positive and negative experiences.
What are the types of resumés used with job applications? Chronological: Puts work history from most recent to first. Functional: Lists skills and abilites before the work history. Combination: Combines chronological and functional resumés.
In advancing in a career, the First principle... Be at work: Reliable, dependable, on time.
In advancing in a career, the Second principle... RESPECT others: Reverance Encourage ideas Share praise Peace-keeping Examine behaviors Criticizing leads to nothing positive Treat others how you want to be treated
In advancing in a career, the Third principle... become an Expert in what you do
In advancing in a career, the Fourth principle... Grow. Build and Learn new skills, even those outside your current position.
In advancing in a career, the Fifth principle... Remain Employed. It's easier to get another job if you currently have one.
Why is important to have a resumé in Employ Florida? Resumés have critical job seeker skills. Resumés help to match/refer job seekers to jobs Resumés enable employers to search for candidates via specific skills/abilites Resumés provide written form of communication to employers
Job openings are ______________ while job referrals are ______________. Job openings: open positions that employers need to fill Job referrals: opportunities to connect qualified job seekers to employers
What are job orders? Structured record of employer requirements for an open position: Required characteristics Hiring requirements Job information Info on how to apply
What are the 3 types of job orders? Unsuppressed: visible to everyone; job seekers "refer themselves" Suppressed: visible to everyone, limited info. Requires staff to prescreen prior to referrals Staff View Only: visible only to LWDB staff- also requires staff prescreen/referral
Types and definitions of unemployed? Job losers: on layoff/termination, seeking work Job leavers: left job, looking for new job New entrants: never been employed before, now seeking job Re-entrants: left labor force for a while, now seeking to rejoin labor force
How is the Unemployment Rate calculated? Number of unemployed workforce divided by the total number in the labor force.
Unemployment includes all those who... are 16+ w/o a job, but WITHIN past 4 weeks, are available and actively seeking work
Employment includes all those who... are 16+ that : work 1+ paid hours (during survey reference week) AND those who work 15+ unpaid hours in a family enterprise
Labor force is defined as: those who are employed and unemployed
What is Labor Market Information (LMI)? date on conditions in the labor market.
Why is Labor Market Information important? It is Florida's most important economic indicator.
LMI data can be compared by state, county, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and by cities of a population of ________________ 25,000
Labor Market Statistics Center is also known as the ___________ (for the State of Florida) Census Data Center for the State of Florida
Customer Service is defined as... the assistance a company provides to individuals who buy products or use the company's services
Good customer service is described as "engaging each customer in a manner that..." Meets the customer's needs to the best of the company's abilites
#1 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Customers are the__________ of our business" Focus
#2 Positive Customer Service Principle: "__________ your customers" Know
#3 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Appear___________" Friendly
#4 Positive Customer Service Principle: "_________ everyone you meet will ______ your services" Not.... want
#5 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Be ______________" Respectful
#6 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Use ____________________" Communication Skills
#7 Positive Customer Service Principle: "______________ Approaching Customers" Notice
#8 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Pay _________ to customer needs" Attention
#9 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Be_________ and _________________________" Reliable Don't make promises you can't keep
#10 Positive Customer Service Principle: "Look for ways to __________" Improve
Who are the customers referred to in #2 Positive Customer Service Principle? Job seekers (First-time, starting careers, Changing careers, advancing careers) Employers Mandatory Program Participants
When leaving messages, Positive Customer Service Principle #6 states that you must leave the message thinking: What will happen if someone else reads this message?
When leaving a voicemail, make sure the message is: emotion-free concise clear dated short
Know that difficult customers are expressing _________ emotions
Know that difficult situations are _______________ in nature difficult
When dealing with Difficult customers, step #1 is to IDENTIFY when the customer is being difficult "If angry, use small talk"
When dealing with Difficult customers, step #2 is to UNDERSTAND why the customer is being difficult "Recognize your own emotions; UNDERSTAND that you want to react defensively, but don't!"
When dealing with Difficult customers, step #3 is to REMAIN CALM "Depersonalize emotions"
When dealing with Difficult customers, step #4 is to SEEK CLARIFICATION "Avoid hot words"
When dealing with Difficult customers, step #5 is to RESOLVE the issue "If customer won't stop, be still, quiet, speak softly, remove audience, slow down responses"
Active Listening can be used by F.E.C.Eb.... What do these stand so we can "hear to understand"? Focus- Ask questions to clarify Eye contact- Show you are listening Concentrate- Summarize the information Effective Body Language- to also show you are listening
Passive people are difficult people who ________________ while aggressive people are _________________ passive people: do not express emotions out load, show it through their body language, are closed off and often unresponsive aggressive people: openly show emotions, have physical behaviors, usually use sarcasm
Taking our our frusration out on someone else is a _______ response to a __________ situation primal negative
Difficult customers will try to _____________ bait you
Florida's one-stop singular umbrella structure enabled it to reduce the duplication of services and reduce overhead costs by $1 million in just the first year.
Florida operates a ___________________ organization structure that enables it to focus efforts at the _______ level Decentralized, local
Laws enacted before 2000 were in response to civil unrest and economic recessions/depressions. This resulted in what kind of system? Fragmented
FL's Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is in charge of: administering workforce programs ensuring agreements for business operations are established supervises distribution of funds and program operations
What is CareerSource FLorida's role in regards to the LWDBs plans? 5 yr strategic plan, and operational plans. Negotiates, reviews, & finalizes LWDBs performance measures and quality assurance reports Grants charters to LWDBs and holds them accountable Provides oversight and policy direction
How many years does CareerSource Florida's operational plan (that outlines how the strategic planwill be implemented) last for? One year
CareerSource Florida is charged with creating a ____year strategic plan. Five
True or False: Employ Florida is the comprehensive online labor exchange tool the job seekers and employers can use 24 hours a day. True
Governor roles regarding the LWDBs include... 1. determining # of CareerSource Florida (CSF) board members 2. removing CSF board members with cause 3. approving (or not) CSF's strategic and operational plans
This written grant defines respective rights and priviledges a LWDB has, thereby creating initially creating it. It is a "description of organizations function." What is this written grant called? A charter
What tool provides round-the-clock access to employers and job seekers to search jobs and send resumes and to search for candidates, respectively? Employ Florida
Who conducts fiscal programmatic quality assurance reviews of the LWDBs? Department of Economic Opportunity
What should you have when you meet with HR on the first day of work? Proof you can work in the US
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