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chapter 11

Assignment and Quiz Answers

Which of the following best defines in Vitro Fertilization? Fertilization taking place outside a woman's body
A physician or other health care practitioner who treats a minor in a non-emergency situation, without parental consent, risks being charged with: Assault and or battery
Which of the following is an experimental treatment for hereditary diseases? Gene Therapy
Artificial insemination may be an acceptable remedy for: Infertility
Genetic discrimination is best described as: Differential treatment of individuals based on their actual or presumed genetic differences
In most states, which of the following age groups can receive some types of medical care without parental permission? Mature minors
A test performed to determine if harmful genes are present in a fetus is called: Amniocentesis
In which of the following situations might DNA testing be indicated? * A man involved in paternity suit *parents who suspect they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital. *A woman who is a suspect in a murder
Once declared emancipated, a minor can lose that status if he or she: NONE OF THESE: was in the military but is discharged was self-supporting but loses a job was married but divorces
Those cells that can become a limited number of types of tissues and cells in the body are: Multipotent
Those specialized cells that can become almost any kind of cell are: Pluripotent
Which of the following processes produced Dolly the sheep? Cloning
Minors may be declared emancipated only if they: Are self-supporting
Which of the following best defines surrogacy? A woman bears a child for another woman
Specialized cells considered most valuable for purposes of genetic manipulation are: Stem cells
A permanent change in DNA is called a: Mutation
Susan's father developed Huntington's disease when she was 28. she is healthy but wants to be tested to see if she has the gene to develop the disease. what type of genetic testing will she have? Predictive genetic testing
The question of who may patent genes was decided by the U.S Supreme Court in June 2013. what was the decision? A gene is a naturally occurring substance and may not be patented.
A permanent change in DNA is the usual cause of genetic diseases. what is the term for this harmful effect? Mutation
The process by which traits are passed on to offspring is known as: Heredity
Transplanting animal tissues and organs into humans is called xenotransplantation. which of the following is one difference that makes this process problematic? Animals cells produce sugar that human cells do not produce
Which of the following legislation allows physicians to legally withhold treatment, including food and water, from infants who are chronically and irreversibly comatose? Federal Child Abuse Amendments
Amniocentesis is what type of genetic testing? Prenatal testing
A teenager who is pregnant receives an abortion without parental notice due to "judicial bypass". what does this term signify? The teenager has obtained approval from a judge for the abortion without parental notification.
Which of the following statements regarding stem cell use is true? Embryonic stem cells have a greater potential to treat a wider variety of diseases.
Which of the following accurately describes the difference between a traditional and gestational surrogate mother? A traditional surrogate is related to the fetus, while the gestational surrogate is not.
which of the following do chromosomes normally carry that are responsible for all human characteristics from eye, skin, and hair color to height, body type, and intelligence? genes
which of the following is a right guaranteed to emancipated minors? Right to privacy
A young infertile couple asks their physician about adopting a baby. which of the following statements is true regarding the process of adoption? Any adult who shows the desire to be a fit parent may adopt a child.
A gene that predisposes a woman to breast cancer has been discovered by scientists. women who are tested to see if this gene is present are using what type of genetic testing? predictive
A fertility specialist brings an infertile couple's eggs and sperm together in a test tube and when fertilization occurs, he transplants the resulting embryo back in the female uterus. what is the term for this type of fertilization? In vitro fertilization
How many chromosomes are normally found inside the nucleus of every human cell except egg and sperm cells? 46
The medical examiner is attempting to eliminate a suspect in a crime. what type of DNA testing might the medical examiner do? Forensic
Partially due to study done by Harvard Medical School's Lisa N. Geller, there are now laws in place to prevent : Genetic discrimination
An infertile couple who is adopting a child locates a birth mother and then asks an agency to take over the adoption process. this is an example of what type of adoption? Identified adoption
A new mother leaves her infant daughter in a safe place at a nurse's station in a hospital. this mother is protected from legal prosecution or with reduced legal prosecution by what legislation? Safe Haven Law
A state agency removes a 10 year old male child from the home of parents who abused him. what is the name of the legal doctrine that allows the state to act in the best interest of the child? parens patriae
infertility is considered to be the failure to conceive in how many moths or longer? 12
An obstetrician is caring for a young woman who wants to undergo genetic testing prior to becoming pregnant. what would be the best response to this patient? Refer the woman to a qualified genetic counselor.
in 2008, What federal law was passed that prohibits discrimination in employment based on genetic information? GINA
one type of genetic engineering that is extremely controversial is cloning. which of the following statements accurately describes an aspect of this process? A clone is genetically identical to the parent
which of the following is an objective of cloning farm animals ? To produce medically useful substances
Created by: Chani1711
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