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Tow Test for Towing Aircraft

Minimum personal req'd for emergencies is: 3 (Tow Super, Uke Drive, Brake Rider)
Aircraft shall not be towed with in how many minutes of GSS shutdown? 20 minutes
When bleed air ducts are removed or disconnected, do not what? Tow
If aircraft is to be towed with APU's running, what cannot be relied on as an emergency signal? Whistles
Aircraft may be towed with engines removed as long as: Cowlings are closed and within ground handling limits (CG Limits)
Aircraft should not be pivoted around the MLG boggie (__ to __ degrees towing angle) to prevent MLG scrubbing 80 to 85 degrees
Tow in straight line '(what' and 'what') completing a turn to relive stress from the MLG Before and After
Towing speeds on turns are? 2 MPH
Towing speeds on straightaways are 5 MPH
Tow as fast as the 'what' on the team? Slowest walker
Both APU accumulators must have at minimum of, what psi? 3,600 psi
CG limits are located in what? 1B-1B-5-2
NLG struts should be no less than how many 'what', but less than 'what'? No less than 5 inches, but no more than 15 inches?
MLG struts should be no less than 'what'. but no more than 'what'? No more than 2.25 inches, but less than 13.50 inches
Tires must be checked and or serviced within how many hours of the tow or current Pre-Flight 72 hours
Ensure all applicable access panels, doors, and hatches are closed IAW, with? 51JG-00-01 and 51-00-00
To prevent injury or death, do not what, until within 6 inches of tow vehicle approach pintle hook
Ensure 'what' switch is set to OFF? ANTISKID
Ensure EMERG brake control switch is set to 'what' position? EMERG position
Ensure BATT switch is set to 'what' position? AUTO ON
If loaded with Towed Decoy System (TDS) tailwalker must stay how many ft from the right and left of the TDS launcher? 10ft
One wing walker at each wingtip while towing within how many ft of obstructions? 50ft
One person at tail when backing jet or when what clearance is critical? Vertical Stabilizer
Prior to completion of towing, aircraft must be what? Stopped short and/or beyond to check for cuts and F.O.D
PARKING BRAKE switch light shall not be held longer than how many seconds? 30 seconds
After holding down the PARKING BRAKE switch light, how long is the req'd cool down? 5 minutes
Ensure NLG is set to 'how much', degree of the center? 0.0 (+ or - 1)
Prior to approaching aircraft, uke drivers will stop outside how many ft, of air craft until marshaller signals in? 50ft
If aircraft has fault brakes how many ft of clearance must be maintain between Aircraft and structures? 150 ft
IF the aircraft has fault brakes, what AFOSH must be followed to know the clearance you must maintain with? AFOSH STD 91-100
Minimum of how many brake applications with fully charged accumulators? 7
To find out the minimum of break applications you can do, with fully charged accumulators, where would you look at? 32GS-00-1 PG 9-69
What shouldn't you do on the tow bar? Ride on it
Where shouldn't you walk between during a tow? Nose of aircraft and uke
How much pull force for ground wire from receptacle? 8-14 LBs
Where would you find the lbs of pull force needed to take out the ground wire from its receptacle? 00-25-172
Aircraft will not be towed closer than how many ft of an active runway? 100ft
Where would you find the tow clearance an aircraft should be from an active runway? AFOSH STD 91-100
Where must an Uke driver get clearance from, prior to entering an active taxiway or runway? Control Tower
Where would one find the means of finding who the Uke driver should call, prior to entering an active taxiway or runway? AFOSH STD 91-100
At night or during inclement weather, all ground members of the tow are req'd how any light wands? 2 light wands
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