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learn the words that the military uses

jghkmhgfhj ghgdfyjvfg
bujgyjg gbgbghh
tthhvhn gtghhg
tthggggbytfgt yghhjv
t7ffiytubt8t vgjhf
87tfg7ttttt gfghhf
iuytgiutf bgjhf
uuuuyggggyui hhkghg
jygfyyygggggg jhghyyy
kugvhjjjvjhh gvbouuuuy
hbjyg v gvvfjjnvf
iuuggggiiiii hgvvhgvjtf
hjfjnjb m bnvvnn
ghnvnm gfgjmhj,gc ,vhj
jn nbv tyftvykjdhfvk
yhjghbmb hgjybuktg
juyglikyuhybiyu tyhgjvjhkj
gkuhbkh hghgjuyuj
klhvbbblihbik jtgiuujg
kjhbkjbbhj,h ,hj uyhjgku,
gvbvkghmhb l tjhghnuj
jkhbbbhmn g ythngbuhkj
ghnb gytbuikyhg.j tjyhtgyu
Created by: woodjay010