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Chapter 7

Assignment and Quiz questions

which of the following is not a helpful HIPPA security compliance measure? Never use cloud technology for data storage
which of the following constitutes a data breach? * A medical office computer is sold without erasing the hard drive * A business-use laptop is stolen from a health insurance company executive company executive while she is traveling. * A hacker penetrates a hospital's list of patients with HIV
A physician pays a long-term care administrator to refer all new Medicare and Medicaid patients to his medical practice. He is most likely to be accused of violating which federal law? The federal Anti-Kickback Law
which of the following might a health care practitioner suffer if convicted of the False Claims Act, The federal Anti- Kickback Law, the stark Law, or the criminal health care fraud statute? * A prison sentence * Loss of medical license * A fine
which of the following government agencies is charged with fighting and prosecuting waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid? Office of the inspector general
The false claims Act provides for: People bringing claims to share in any court-awarded damages.
which is not one of the reasons medicare fraud is not easy to estimate? Records are destroyed yearly.
what is the primary purpose of the HITECH rule? To Strengthen privacy and security for electronic health information.
which of the following statements is true? The federal Anti-kickback Law and the Stark Law are not the same.
Training employees in proper computer use involves which of the following? Never posting passwords where others can see them
One of the best ways to ensure against loss or corruption of medical data is to back up all data regularly
An entity may have violated the stark law if "yes" is answered to which of the following questions? * Has a physician or a member of her family referred a medicare or medicaid patient to an entity? * Is there a financial relationship between the referring physician or family member and the entity providing the service. * Is the referral for a: designa
From October 2009 through November 2013, how many complaints about security breaches were filed with the office of civil rights? 768
which of the following statements is true about the patient's bill of right? No one universal government statute exists
A provider may release information about a victim of abuse, negelct, or domestic violence under which permission of HIPPA? Public interest and benefit activities
A breach under HIPPA: is an unauthorized acquisition, access, use, or disclosure of personal health information.
ProPublica surveyed hospitals about health record security. what percentage of hospitals surveyed indicate that they were using cloud-based services? 91%
The difference between an electronic medical record and electronic health record is: The EMR is recorded from a single provider, and EHR is a more comprehensive record from all providers of care.
which HIPPA standard requires providers to use specific code sets? Standard 1
while privacy is not directly expressed in the amendment to the constitution, which of the following is one of the amendments that the U.S supreme court has used to cover privacy issues? Third
A patient belives her privacy rights have been violated by a local hospital. Under HIPPA, the patient: must first file a written complaint with the secretary of health and human services through the office of civil rights
The first federal law to specifically deal with the privacy of health care records was: Health insurance portability and accountability act
The use of the EHR to improve quality, engage patients, improve care coordination and maintain privacy and security is known as: meaningful use
The federal agency charged with fighting waste. fraud, and abuse in medicare, medicaid, and 300 other health and human services programs is the: office of the inspector general
In a physicians office, a sign in sheet is permissible to use as long as: you do not ask for the reason for the visit
which HIPPA standard requires providers to protect electronically transmitted and otherwise stored personal health information? Standard 3
which law made significant changes to provisions in the health insurance portability and accountability act? American Recovery and Reinvestment act
under the patient protection and affordable care act of 2010, insurance companies must do all of the following except: cover children up to age 30 on their parents' health insurance policy.
The health information technology for economic and clinical health act (HITECH) was part of what other law? American recovery and reinvestment act
which of the following statements is true about HIPPA standard 2? protected health information (PHI) is any written, spoken, or electronic form.
what is the reason for most breaches of confidentiality? Lost or stolen computer device
How many HIPPA defined permissions exist? 6
which HIPPA standard requires providers and their business associates to put in place policies and procedures that ensure privacy of the health record? standard 2
which of the following is the term used to describe the protection that should be in place to protect the electronic health or medical record from outside intrusion? firewall
which of the following court cases held that federal privacy laws like HIPPA may preempt stricter state privacy laws? OPS v. Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
An orthopedic surgeon refers his patients to a radiology facility owned by his brother. what law is potentially being violated? Stark Law
According to the GAO, the amount of improper payments to providers from medicare fee-for-service plans in 2011 was: $28.8 billion
which of the following court cases first declared that a constitutional right to privacy was implied? Griswold v. Conneticut
under the federal flase claims act, a citizen may: file a claim on behalf of the federal government for false claims made for payment of health services
which HIPPA standard requires that all providers secure a national provider number? Standard 4
A permission is defined as: a reason under HIPPA for disclosing patient information
which of the following is not a reason that medicare fraud is difficult to estimate? health care claims are destroyed after two years.
Created by: Chani1711
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