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PATH: Breast


how many ducts are in the breast 6-10
what is a duct composed of acini and stroma
what is the terminal ductal lobular unit lobule and duct
from the promial to distal ducts terminal => Lactiferous duct => Lactiferous sinus => collecting duct and out the nipple
lymphatic drainage in the chest area is split between the axial and intramammary system how? 75% axial and 25% intramammary
what is the inner layer of the breast ductal and lobular layer cuboid shape
outer layer of the breast myoepithelial with spindle shape
what happens at puberty lobular units are developing
what happens during a menstral cycle proliferation of the lobules with vaculozation during the luteal phase after ovulation
what happens to the lobule during pregnancy pronounced lobules with incresed vaculization with distended lumens
what happens to the lumen post menopause lobar atrophy and incresed fat
what are the three ways to scan the breast Physical exam, Mammography, Biopsy
what can you see with mammography mass, microcalcifications (also in benign), assymetry
what can you see with biopsy invasive vs. non-invasive
Can biopsy be therapeutic yes if it is excisional but may need surgery and or radiation
what is the most common malignancy breast cancer
what is the number 2 cause of cancer death in women breastcancer
what is the median age to get cancer 50
Risk factors of breast cancer family, genetics, hormones, radiation, proliferative disesae, dietary fat
what percent of breast cancers are inherited 5%
what percent of inherited breast cancers are BRCA1 and 2 70%
how do hormones play a role in the development of breast cancer early menarche, late menopause, late age of 1st pregnancy
how long is the latent period of radiation 10-15 years
what are the proliferative breast disseases Fibrocystic change, ductal hyperplasia and radial scar
where are most mets and spreads spread to axial, internal mammary, and supraclavicular nodes
where are some common distal sites of spreading breast cancer skeletal muscles, lungs, CNS
what is the prognosis of breast cancer based on TMN
Created by: jmuame03