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KIN 3600

Body as a machine

Sports medicine 1. Branch of medicine that deals with rehabilitation, prevention, & treatment of sports injuries (European countries) 2. In U.S. the sports medicine is understood as an umbrella term which encompasses every disciplined related to exercise and sport.
Exercise science Scientific study of natural phenomenon associated with health, physical activity, exercise & sports
machine -any device that transmits or transforms (converts) energy -transformation of energy in man-made and biological
Machine capacity How much work is being performed & how fast it’s performed
Energy transformation how much energy/work is being used
main similarities between biological & man-made machines Performance of both machines is limited by the rate of energy transformation
Key differences between biological & man-made machines -Biological machines respond to stress by adapting & improving function -Man-made becomes worn out with a decline in their functional capacity. - Absence of stress
absence of stress -reduces the functional capacity of biological machines while the functional capacity of man-made machines remains the same.
Energy transformation laws 1st law. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted from 1 state to another 2nd law. Process of energy transformation: process of energy transformation – go from organized state to the state of disorder & randomness
Created by: rmart11