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PATH: Diseases I


Monckeberg Medial Sclerosis degenerative calcification of the vessel wall media layer
who gets Monckeberg medial sclerosis elderly (in extremities)
Atherosclerotic Aneurysm is commonly found? in the distal aorta and common iliacs between the inner 2/3 and the outer 1/3
Dissecting aneurysms are common in those with? Marfan's syndrome
Cystic Medial Necrosis Dissecting aneurysm
sharp pain that radiates to the back Dissecting aneurysm
where are syphilitic aneurysms found ascending aorta and arch
Lymphangitis is caused by? Beta hemolytic streptococci
Cappilary hemangioma birthmark
Cavernous hemangioma port wine stains
exposure to arsenic and vinyl chloride cause? hepatic angiosarcoma
kaposi sarcoma tumor on the skin or mucus membranes of GI and Lungs
who gets kaposi sarcoma AIDS patients
Kaposi Sarcoma is associated with? Herpes Simplex 8
what are the inflammatory conditions of the breast Acute mastitis, Granulomatous Mastitis, Mammary Duct Extasia, Fat Necrosis
Acute Mastitis inflammation of the breast due to staph. aureus in the babies mouth
Lactiferous mastitis another name for acute mastitis (inflammatory condition of the breast from feeding)
how do you treat acute mastitis Antibiotics or you will get abscess
Granulomatis Mastitis inflammation caused by infections that can't be cleared like Tb, Sarcoid, or foreign material
Mammary duct Ectasia infiltration of histiocytes and secretions with fibrosis and inflammation
who gets mammary duct ectasia? where is it found subaereolar
what causes fat necrosis trauma or ruptured cyst in fibrocystic changes
what are the beign proliferative conditions of the breast fibrocystic change, ductal hyperplasia and radial scar
what is fibrocystic change not a disese dilations of the ducts with apocrine metaplasia and fibrosis
who gets fibrocystic change women in their 20s and 30s
how does fibrocystic change present mass or assymetry
what is sclerosing adenosis whe tne terminal ducts and acini proliferate with fibrotic stroma seen in those with fibrocystic change
what increases the rist that fibrocystic change will become carcinoma typical or atypical ductal hyperlations (proliferative fibrocystic change)
is mammography a good choice for fibrocystic change no there is too much fibrosis
Ductal hyperplasia alone or with fibrocystic change (can progress to cancer if proliferation is atypical)
Radial Scar often confused with malignancy but is benign fibroelastic core with radiating ducts and lobules
what are the benign neoplasms of the breast fibroadenoma, intraductal papilloma, nipple papilloma
fibroadenoma benign neoplasm presents a mass in 20-30 y/o women
when does fibroadenoma change during pregnancy increases and decreases with age
how do fibroadenomas appear long ducts with loose fibromyxoid structure and smooth round appearance
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