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VNPT51 CH.15 Q&A

VNPT51 Chapter 15 Specimen Collection and Diagnostic Testing Q&A

A 64 year old patient who has newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus has been learning how to perform her own blood glucose monitoring. The patient has impaired circulation. What action can help to improve the specimen collection process? Massage the hand prior to performing the specimen collection.
A sputum specimen has been ordered for a 75 year old patient admitted with possible pneumonia of the right lower lobe. Which is the best method for the nurse to use with a patient who cannot expectorate sputum on his or her own? Nasotracheal suctioning
The health care provider has ordered a stool specimen for blood that is not possible to see with the naked eye. What does this examination detect? Occult blood
A 46 year old patient is seen by the health care provider for recurrent symptoms of cystitis. The patient is to provide samples for urine culture and sensitivity. Best answer to give when asked why the urine culture study was ordered? To identify the organism causing the infection.
Rank order the instructions that would be given to the patient who is to collect a 24 hour urine specimen. 3,4,1,2,5 (Refer to page.413 in the book for the answers) Answers was too long that didn't meet the character count.
A 72 year old patient has an indwelling urinary catheter. A sterile urine specimen has been ordered for culture and sensitivity. Which is the best method for the nurse to collect the urine specimen? Aspirate 10 mL of urine with a sterile syringe from the tubing port.
A patient performing a finger stick for blood glucose determination asks why the side of the fingertip is advised as the preferred site. Which is the best answer that the nurse would give to the patient? The side of the finger is less responsive to pain than other sites.
A patient is scheduled for a barium enema study. Which instructions will the patient be given? Select all the apply 1.Maintain NPO status after midnight before the examination. 4.Monitor bowel movements after the procedure. 5.Increase fluid intake after the procedure.
On evaluation of the patient after a venipuncture, the nurse recognizes which finding to be unexpected? A soft lump is noted under the skin at the venipuncture site.
When obtaining a residual urine specimen, the nurse knows that it is important to catheterize the patient after the patient voids within which time frames? 10 minutes
The nurse has just received an order for electrocardiography. Arrange the following steps in the order that the nurse would perform them. 1.Perform hand hygiene and don clean gloves. 3.Position the patient lying supine. 4.Raise the side rail, and lower the bed to the lowest position. 5.Shave or clip hair if necessary. 6.Attach the leads to the patient. 2.Obtain the tracing.
Rank order of the following instructions that the nurse would tell a female patient who needed to obtain a midstream urine specimen. Perform hand hygiene before obtaining the specimen. Clean the perineum by wiping from front to back. Start voiding directly into the toilet. Collect a small amount of urine in the container. Discard the last of the stream of urine into the stool.
Which nursing action is essential before a chest radiograph is obtained? Remove the patient's metal necklace.
A nursing student asks the nurse to explain the difference in testing between a midstream urine specimen and a urinalysis. Which explanation would answer the nursing student's question? Select all of the apply 1.The midstream specimen is used to determine the culture and sensitivity of the urine specimen. 5.The midstream specimen is the cleanest portion of the urine specimen.
In the assessment of a patient's urine sample, what will the nurse consider an abnormal finding? Bloody mucus
When is the best time to collect a sputum sample from a patient? In the morning upon awakening.
Because of loss of subcutaneous tissue and skin elasticity in older adults, which step of the venipuncture procedure will the nurse sometimes eliminate? Application of the tourniquet before venipuncture.
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