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VNPT51 CH.12 Q&A

VNPT51 CH.12 Physical Assessment Questions-mb

What elements should be present to begin the nurse-patient relationship as related to the assessment process? (select all that apply.) 1,2,3,5 (Reflect back to the book on pg.311 to see answers.) Answers was too long and exceeded the characters count.
A patient has been admitted with acute bronchitis. When performing a lung assessment, the nurse is best able to auscultate the lower lobes by listening to what location on the body? 1. posterior
A 90-year-old patient is having difficulty answering the nurse's questions while completing the patient history. What should the nurse keep in mind about caring for older adults? 3. the nurse should sit down at eye level with the patient and allow a longer period to answer each question
The nurse documents which finding while assessing a patient with heart failure where it is noted that the lower extremities have deep indentations that remain for 30 seconds when pressed? 3. 3+ pitting edema
The patient reports severe abdominal pain when answering the call light. What type of assessment should the nurse perform? 2. focused assessment
An elderly male patient is admitted for chest pain. How does the nurse best document the information the patient gives about his symptoms? 1. use the patient's own words in quotation marks
The nurse asks the patient about which signs and symptoms experienced when reviewing the elderly patient's gastrointestinal system? (Select all that apply.) 1. changes in bowel habits 2. pyrosis (heartburn) 3. firmness of the abdomen 5. anorexia
What is the first area to be assessed after taking vital signs when performing a nursing assessment? 1. assess for level of consciousness and orientation
A patient has been admitted for dehydration after a prolonged period of diarrhea. Which finding does the nurse expect to observe in this patient? 2. skin warm, dry, pale with decreased skin turgor
The nurse assesses a vibration felt along the patient's carotid artery with palpation. How should the nurse describe this assessment finding? 2.thrill
The nurse is preparing a female patient for a gynecologic examination. Which patient position best assists the health care provider in this examination? 3. lithotomy
Which risk factor for cardiovascular disease can be modified?
What is the term used to describe a patient's respiratory rate that exceeds 36 breaths per minute? 3.tachypnea
The nurse is auscultating breath sounds on a patient and detects adventitious breath sounds. the nurse describes them as a loud, bubbly noise heard during inspiration. The nurse is correct when using which term for documenting this finding? 1. coarse crackles
The nurse is documenting a patient assessment. The nurse correctly identifies which information as being objective data? (Select all that apply) 4. "It is noted that the blood pressure (B/P) is high at 156/96." 5. "Abdomen is distended and hypoactive bowel sounds are noted."
The nurse is performing a cardiovascular system assessment on a patient. Which is included in an assessment of the peripheral vascular system? (Select all that apply.) 2,3,4
The patient has been admitted to to the medical unit with a wound to the left lower extremity from a mowing accident 2 days ago. The inflammatory response present at this stage includes which signs and symptoms? (Select all that apply.) 1. swelling 2. pain
The patient asks the nurse why all of the nurses always listen to his abdomen with the stethoscope before pressing on it. Which response is correct? 2. this prevents distortion of bowel sounds
Created by: barragan_93230
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