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Constitutional Convention

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention? The delegates were meeting to fix the Articles of Confederation.
Why did Americans feel that the Articles of Confederation needed to be changed? Because there was no national army to protect the country as a whole.
What was Shays Rebellion? A mob of farmers unhappy about paying too much in taxes tried to take over the Massachusetts arsenal.
What event made many Americans feel that their national government could not keep order or protect them? Shays Rebellion
What leader from Virginia argued that the country needed a stronger national government? James Madison
Why did some people want a stronger government? 1) No single national leader. 2) To pass any law, nine states had to agree. 3) There was no national court system to settle disputes.
What leader from Virginia disagreed with James Madison and wanted to keep the Articles as they were? Patrick Henry
In 1787 all states except which one sent delegates to the convention in Philadelphia to fix the Articles? Rhode Island
55 Delegates from 12 states gathered at the Pennsylvania State House to revise what? The Articles.
Who did the 55 delegates name as the president of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
Why were the discussions about the changes to the articles kept secret? So that the delegates could speak freely and make good decisions.
Who asked for the Articles of Confederation to be replaced and for a new plan of government to be written? Edmund Randolph
What is the name of the system that says that the national and state governments share power? Federal system
What document became the supreme law of the land? The Constitution
What is it called when the people choose representatives to run the government? A republic
What was the major disagreement between the delegates during the discussions? There were disagreements between the delegates about how each state would be represented in the new Congress.
What is the name of the plan in which Congress has two parts or houses, and the number of representatives would be based upon each state's population? Virginia Plan
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place? Philadelphia
Which plan favored large states? The Virginia Plan
Who said The Virginia Plan "strikes at the existence of the lesser states." William Patterson of New Jersey
What was the name of the plan that purposed that the new Congress have one house in which each state would be equally represented? The New Jersey Plan which gave small states the same number of representatives as large states.
Compromise means to give up some of what one wanted.
The Great Compromise was led by Roger Sherman of Connecticut. This became known as what? The Connecticut Compromise
This plan was based on a two house Congress. One house representation was based on population. The other house representation was equally represented. The Connecticut Compromise
An idea for a new law is called a _____________________. Bill
Both houses had to approve a bill before it could become what? Law
Only the house in which representation was based on population could propose what? Tax Bills
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise? Delegates agreed to count 3/5ths of the slaves towards the number of representatives.
Gouverneur Morris of Pennsylvania called spoke out against what? Slavery and he called it "the curse of heaven on the states where it prevailed."
After 1808 Congress banned what kind of trade with other countries? Slave Trade
What was the name of the document that resolved conflicts over representation in the government? The Great Compromise
Delegates worked together to create the US Constitution but who expressed those ideas in the written Constitution? Gouverneur Morris
A political community that occupies a definite territory and has an organized government with the power to make an enforce laws without approval from any higher authority. A State
Any sizeable group of people who are united by common bonds of race, language, custom, tradition, and sometimes, religion. A Nation
States where the population shares a general political and social consensus or agreement about basic beliefs have the most ----STABLE or INSTABLE---government. Choose one. Stable
A state has established boundaries is called ___________. A territory
The key characteristic of a state is its __________________ or ability to self govern Sovereignty
The institution through which the state maintains social order, provides public services, and enforces decisions that are binding on all people living within the state. A Government
Theory in which some scholars believe that the state evolved from the family of government origin. Evolutionary Theory
Government emerged when all the people of an area were brought under the authority of one person or group is the theory of _________________________. Force Theory
Ratified means approved
Unicameral means Single chamber
Ceded means yielded
Ordinances are another name for _________________. Laws
Interstate Commerce trade among the states
Extralegal not sanctioned (allowed) by law
Anarchy A system of government in which the power to rule is in the hands of a single individual
This plan called for a strong national legislature with two chambers the lower one to be chosen by the people and the upper chamber to be chosen by the lower. A strong national executive and judiciary to be chosen by the national legislature. Virginia Plan
This plan for government is based on keeping the major features of the Articles of Confederation a unicameral legislature with one vote for each state. New Jersey Plan
This plan has a house of representatives with state representation based upon population. Connecticut Compromise
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