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Oral Medications

Pharmacology Lab

True or False: Oral medications can be left at the bedside FALSE, medications can never be left at bedside - tell the patient you will come back at another time and DOCUMENT
What type of medication can be crushed? Scored tablets
When administering the med, what should the nurse be doing? ID the patient and explain what the medication does to the patient being administered
Lozanges are Slow absorbing and have a hard, sugar coating for taste
Diabetic patients be cautious of blood glucose levels when administering Syrup and or Lozanges
How do you administer suspension medications? Shake and then pour immediately
How do you pour liquid medications? Pour on flat surface, eye level, palm the label and measure at the meniscus
When utilizing a pill cutter the nurse must always Clean hands and clean pill cutter after each pill to eliminate cross-contamination possibility
What identifiers can be used when administering medication? Verbal (name, DOB, etc), ID band, License and Insurance card, Patient Registration forms
Sublingual medications are Under the tongue
Buccal medications are Between the cheek and gum
If an order is missing any information or seems abnormal Immediately call MD
What is the most important thing to check for when administering oral medications? Patient's ability to swallow - do they have an aspiration precaution order?
If a patient is NPO can we give meds? A hold order is necessary for meds otherwise the patient is not able to medicate
Do you hold medication if patient is nauseas or GI upset? No, medications are not contraindicated unless the patient has no gag reflex but use your nursing judgement
What is the most common error in nursing medication administration? Drugs with similar names
When administering meds through NG tube Always check for placement before flushing and listen with stethoscope for "whoosh" of air
What is the purpose of enteric coating on pills? Absorption in the alkaline environment of the small intestine
Medication orders must include the following Name, drug, dose, route, frequency, date, time, and MD signature otherwise RX is not valid
What medications are easiest for the nurse and patient? Oral medications
When giving narcotics, what is a key item to check prior to? Always check respiratory rate prior to and after
NPO Nil por os - nothing by mouth
PO Por os - by mouth
BID Twice a day
PC After meals
AC Before meals
Number one step in prepping medications Identify the patient
What does the nurse do immediately after knowing the wrong drug has been administered to the patient? Assess the patient immediately
When should you check on a patient after administering an oral medication? 15 to 30 minutes after med administration
Standing order Prewritten order with specific instruction from the provider to administer medication under certain circumstances
PRN Order Ordered as needed
Stat Order Order that may be provided verbal, written or electronically for immediate/emergent usage
Administering PEG Tube Medication Check placement, flush, admin first med, flush, admin second med, flush - *** be careful with patients on fluid restriction ***
Created by: ADurler1
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