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AA of each
a.c before meals
AD, a.d alzheimers disease; right ear
ad lib at liberty
am, AM morning
AS, a.s left ear
AU, a.u each ear
BE barium enema
BID, b.i.d., bid twice per day
BP blood pressure
BR bed rest
BRP bathroom privaliges
BM bowel movement
bx biopsy
c with
CA, Ca coronary artery
cap. capsule
disc, DC, d.c discontinue, discharge
DNR do not resuscitate
Dx, dx diagnose
ED emergancy department
ER emergency room
Fx, fx fracture
g, gm gram
gt, gtt drops
H hydrogen
h.s. house of sleep
Ht., ht height
inj injection
i and o, i/o input and output
iv intavenous
k+, k potassium
mg milligram
n&v nausia and vommiting
Na+, Na sodium
NC no complaints
NPO nothing by mouth
NPO p MN nothing by mouth after midnight
oint, ung ointment
OOB out of bed
OTC over the counter
oz ounce
p pulse
p.c after meals
pH hydrogen ion concentration
PM,p.m night
PO,po,p.o by mouth
PRN as needed
q.am each morning
q.h each hour
q.i.d four times daily
QNS quantity not sufficent
q.s as much as needed
r,R resperation
Rx perscription
s without
SOB shortness of breath
ss a half
syp syurp
susp suspension
sup., supp superior
T tempiture
tab tablet
tbsp table spoon
TID, t.i.d tree times daily
tpr temp pulse and resperation
tsp teaspoon
tx treatmeant
VS vital signs
W/c, w/c wheelchair, white cells
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