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med skills

@ at
aa of each
ac before meals
ad lib as desired
ADL activities of daily living
Amb ambulate
as tol as tolerated
ASA aspirin
AU both ears
bid twice a day
bp blood pressure
c with
ca calcium
cap capsule
cbc complete blood count
cc cubic centimeters
cdc centers for disease control and prevention
chf congestive heart failure
Cva cerebrovascular accident
d/c discontinue
D/W dextrose in water
DAT diet as tolerated
DHHS Deparment of health and human services
diff differential white blood cell count
Dx diagnosis
EEG Electroencephalogram
EMG electromyogram
FUO fever of unknown origin
gr grain
gtts drops
H2O water
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide
HA headache
hct hematocrit
hgb hemogoblin
HOB head of bed
hs hour of sleep
IM intramuscular
inj injection
irr irrigate
IV intavenous
LUQ left upper quadrant
mg milligrams
mL milliliters
MN midnight
MS multiple sclerosis
N/S normal saline
NG nasogastric tube
NIH National institutes of health
noct night
NPO nothing by mouth
O2 oxygen
OPD outpatient department
OS left eye
OT occupational therapy
oz ounces
pc after meals
per by
per os by mouth
po by mouth
pre-op before surgery
prn whenever necessary or as needed
PT physical therapy
pt pint
q12h every 12 hours
q8h every 8 hours
qd every day
qid four times a day
R/O rule out
RDA recommended daily allowance
ROM range of motion
Rx prescription
Sig give the following directions
SOB shortness of breath
sol solution
sos if necessary
ss one half
staph staphylococcus
strep streptococcus
syp syrup
tab tablet
tid three times a day
TPR temperature, Pulse, respiration
tsp teaspoon
VS vital signs
w/s wheelchair
X 10
^ elevate
a, an without
al pertaining to
Created by: jamessantilli50
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