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Med Term: Abbrev.

Med Term: Abbreviations

AA Alcoholic Anonymous (AA); of each (aa)
a.c. Before Meals
AD, a.d. Alzheimer's Disease; Right Ear
ad lib As Desired
am, AM Morning; Before Noon
AS, a.s. Left Ear
AU, a.u. Both Ear
BE Barium Enema
BID, b.i.d., bid Twice a Day
BP Blood Pressure
BR Bed Rest
BRP Bathroom Privileges
BM Bowel Movement
Bx Biopsy
C (with line above) With
CA, Ca Cancer
cap. Capsule
disc, DC, d,c. Discontinue; Discharge
DNR Do Not Resuscitate
Dx, dx Diagnosis
ED Emergency Department
ER Emergency Room
Fx, fx Fracture
g, gm Gram
gt, gtt Drops
h.s. At Bedtime
Ht., ht Height
inj Injection
I and O, I/O Intake and Output
IV Intravenous
K+, K Potassium
mg Magnesium
N&V Nausea and Vomiting
Na+, Na Sodium
NC No Change; No Complaint
NPO Nothing By Mouth
NPO p MN Nothing By Mouth After Midnight
oint., ung Ointment
OOB Out Of Bed
OTC Over The Counter
oz. Ounce
P Pulse; Phosphorus (P)
p.c. After Meals
pH Hydrogen Ion Concentration
PM, p.m. After Noon
PO, po, p.o. By Mouth; Phone Order
PRN Whenever Necessary; As Needed
r, R Respiration; Rectal
Rx Prescription; To Take; Treatment
S (with line above) Without
SOB Shortness Of Breath
ss One Half
stat Immediately
syr. Syrup
susp. Suspension
sup., supp. Supplements; Suppository
T Temperature
tab. Tablet
tbsp. Tablespoon
TID, t.i.d. Three Times A Day
TPR Temperature, Pulse, Respiration
tsp. Teaspoon
Tx Treatment; Traction; Transplant
VS Vital Signs
W/C, w/c Wheelchair
h Hour
q. am. Every Day Before Noon
q.h. Every Hour
q.i.d. Four Times a Day
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient
q.s. As Much as Suffices; Quantity Sufficient
Created by: madslakh
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